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Length of an SEO Contract

Hiring an SEO company may take a little time and research. We’ve discussed ten important questions you should ask during the “shopping” time period of choosing your SEO company, but you may be wondering why they require a 12-month contract. Well, there are a few reasons:

1. SEO takes time, as do other internet marketing services. The work an SEO company does doesn’t show right away or ever yday. Search engines don’t crawl your website every day. Sometimes it takes a couple months for results to appear. Link building may take longer to go into effect because of all the other sites that are pulling content. The more time an SEO company has, the better the results.

2. SEO is a cumulative process. Results are always improving because the process is always in effect. Activities are always being fine tuned and data reveals which are producing better results than others. From there, data can be combine and more effective SEO can take place. The process is never ending, websites and social networking sites are appearing constantly, as is your competition.

3. Like SEO overall, SEO traffic and rank are cumulative as well. Based on your keyword research, the top keywords you choose to target should rank in certain positions within a few months. For example, if you have between twenty and forty words and keyword combinations, certain ranking positions will increase by your 6-month time frame and they will rank even higher by the 12-month mark. Competition and other popular keywords that appear over time need to be targeted as well.

4. SEO is not a simple, quick process. Part of internet marketing and SEO is to outsmart the competition. Patience is important and required for business and SEO companies to work together. Once on-page SEO in implemented, it needs support. Maintenance and support comes from off-page services and constant monitoring.

5. We can reiterate enough the importance of time in any SEO campaign. Your competitors already have position in search engine rank, but the goal for you should be to overtake them and appear above. If competitors have been working their SEO programs for years, they already have dominant rank, which means it will take a lot of time and effort to reach their level. There will need to be quality backlinks built and constant content creation.

A proper SEO campaign should be built for 12-months. Because of the extensive time and effort involved to create results, an SEO company needs time. It can’t happen overnight.