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If you’re a web designer, most likely you’ve heard about the latest HTML, HTML5. Not only is it an upgrade to HTML and web design features, but it’s beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO) also! There are enough problem SEO companies run into as it is, but hopefully some common problems can be resolved with HTML5.

Large websites, and most commonly, ecommerce sites have a lot of WebPages built in. It’s hard for Google and other search engines to distinguish the pages from one another. With similar content and products listed on the WebPages, SEO companies run into duplicate content issues. Google will see your pages as “the same” because of the similarities. Adding sequential links and HTML code to your pages will help Google understand that your pages differ.

HTML5 will also help Google and other search engines interpret our websites and WebPages a lot quicker and easier. With new tags to help organize the website content, web designers will be able to sort the HTML easier allowing Google to interpret it easier. There will be new tags and a wide variety of them to help sort out elements.

Another big improvement coming from HTML5 to benefit SEO companies is the idea of DOM features for AJAX websites. Unfortunately, AJAX sites and search engine optimization don’t work well with each other right now. AJAX sites allow WebPages to update the contents of the webpage without reloading it. Google can crawl the content of the webpage to pick up the tags within. With HTML5, you will be able to change the URL without reloading the page, allowing the user to use the back button and find the history, where before they couldn’t.

Although HTML5 isn’t “official” yet, there are many features that can be used. Whether you’re a web designer or SEO company, you should be exploring the new features of HTML5. Changes are always occurring with web design and the internet in general, but we do know that HTML5 will have benefits for everyone, all around.