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Importance of Good Keywords in Website Content

Header tags are especially important they are used as headlines and scanned by search engine robots when crawling indexed pages. Although there are different levels of headers, it’s important to only use one H1, one H2 and one H3 on each webpage. Header tags make it easier for search engines to find and determine the content of your webpage, but you don’t want to confuse the bots by having multiple headlines. Be sure to use relevant SEO keywords and descriptive words so the search engine knows what your page is about.

Title tags are also important place for SEO keywords. Title tags describe the document and are very important for on-page SEO and appear in three different areas: at the top of the browser (and on applicable browser tabs), in search engine results and external links. Try and place important keywords towards the front of the title tag, which is more helpful for ranking. Be sure to include title tags on all of your webpage which help increase rankings in search engines.

On top of all the on-page SEO practices you should be aware of, we know that content is one of the most important things in your web design. Content is the main piece of your website and the reason it exists: what are you offering, what is there to learn, what are the services you offer, etc. Your content is core and should answer all of these questions.

SEO keywords are an important part of your web design and should be incorporated from the get-go. When you create and design a website, you want people to find it and you want to rank in search engines. In order to do this, you need to include on-page SEO (keywords in the header, title tags and content). It’s very important to build your ranking from the start as any SEO takes time.