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How to Improve Your Company’s LinkedIn Page in 2022

Many people use their New Year’s resolutions to look inward and improve on personal aspects of their lives. But this January, take a step back and examine other parts of your life. In particular, your work life. LinkedIn is a crucial aspect to individual career growth, as well as the organization as a whole. Cultivating an organization’s LinkedIn profile to be the best that it can yield a multitude of important benefits, including improved outreach to prospective clients and hires.

More importantly, you’re portraying your company in the best light possible on the No.1 professional networking site on the web. Below are three easy and effective tips to improve a company’s LinkedIn profile in 2022.

1) Update Your Visuals

First impressions are everything, both in the real world and online. Making sure your company’s LinkedIn profile is visually appealing is a huge component to achieving an eye-catching page. Some helpful tips to spice up your profile include avoiding transparent backgrounds, adding borders around images, ditching the stock photos, and adding beautiful images in all your posts.

In the digital world, people click through pages and profiles at a neck-breaking pace. The amount of time it takes to glance at your organization’s profile and make a judgment about its credibility and merits can take mere seconds. Therefore, you’ll want to pack your organization’s page full of professional-looking, original content to attract new followers and delight existing ones.

Lastly, customizing the URL on your company’s LinkedIn page is great way to make your profile stand out and look more polished as a whole.

2) Analyze Your Competitors on LinkedIn

Instead of viewing your company’s competitors as well, competition, take the opportunity to revamp your mindset. Take some time to visit the LinkedIn pages of organizations that are in the same area of business or share mutual followers with you.

  • How have they organized their page?
  • How often do they post?
  • When do they post?
  • What do they post?

These types of questions will help guide your analysis of the way they strategically designed their LinkedIn page. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other organizations. In fact, this is a smart and effective way to save time while still successfully updating your company’s profile. Why devote hours to researching how to improve your page when someone else has already done the heavy lifting for you?

3) Interact with Your LinkedIn Audience

While updating your organization’s profile, consider why you are going through all this trouble, and for whom: other people, and other organizations managed by other people. Therefore, making sure there are initiatives in place on your company’s LinkedIn profile to interact with these key audiences is crucial. LinkedIn now offers poll options, so your organization can post questions on your page for viewers to directly answer.

Additionally, the platform also allows for fill-in-the-blank questions to be posted, which is an even more personalized way to directly hear from others. Interacting with those already affiliated with your organization can also be extremely beneficial. Whether this is demonstrated through tagging employees in posts, res-haring their announcements, or simply making sure as many of these individuals are connected with on the application, ensuring employees feel seen and appreciated is a perfect way to enhance your organization’s online presence.

LinkedIn Optimization with Premiere Creative

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