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How to Use the Tiered Approach Method in Google AdWords

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Google is constantly coming up with new techniques to enhance and help their advertisers improve the quality of their advertising campaigns. The digital marketing industry consensus that campaigns and advertisements are most effective when grouped into a logical format based on the structure of the advertiser’s website structure. Google AdWords has discovered a way for companies to easily take part in this new setup with the tiered approach. Continue reading to learn more about this method and if it’s right for you.

How Does Google’s Tiered Approach Work?

Google delightfully shared the breakdown of its tiered marketing approach in hopes of targeting more businesses to use it. The recommendation is to start the process with a business goal in mind. By taking an extra look at your company’s website and the overall structure, you will gain a sense of what ad groups to come up with for your tiers.

Break down your campaign launches. Whether your company is selling makeup, electronics, or clothing, they should be separated by type. Put eye makeup in one category, keep cellphones separate from TV’s, organize tops and bottoms. Take it even further and break those down with specifics such as different colors and versions that consumers can choose from. Google’s tiered approach isn’t just for your benefit. It establishes clarity and organization for your customers. They like to have an easy shopping experience and this is the way to do it. This format will also allow your business easy access to make quick editing changes when you need to. Whether certain items have restocked or your company wants to add more products, it can be done with the push of a button.

Breaking Down Google’s Tiered Approach

The tiered advertising approach works in more than one way to magnify marketing strategies over the internet. It lets businesses organize each of their campaigns into a consistent order to best reach customers and their needs. Ad groups should be split up into prioritized categories and each category is considered a tier.

  • Tier one consists of your top products or services that customers value the most and bring your business the greatest success based on the number of clicks.
  • Tier two includes your premium products or services. This better than average ad group performs stronger than most other ad groups while ranking higher on your metrics.
  • Tier three is for the below account average. It isn’t the worst but is considered a lower priority product or service that does not gain as many clicks as tier one and two.
  • Tier four consists of your worst-rated ad groups. Low priority items that are not quite doing much for your business.

Why Should I Use Google’s Tiered Approach?

Google’s tiered approach aims to help businesses grow. By utilizing this approach, you’ll ensure that your company’s ad groups display in the right order to maximize views and promote sales. You want to profit from your key ad words and groups, but if the correct approach is not taken then your views will be limited. Don’t waste your campaign budget on less successful search terms. With Google’s tiered approach, you can increase the value of your investment with better quality clicks.

Money plays a critical part in this approach. Budgets are established for each tier and because tier one is a high priority, it should have the largest budget allocation. This method allows you to edit the spending funds of each category, making it simpler to manage. Avoid messing with the important campaigns and instead, just update the lower volume ad groups.

Is Google’s Tiered Approach Right For My Business?

How do you know if the tiered approach is the right method for you and your business? Take a deeper look into your company website and identify categories within campaigns. Make sure that your website is not region-specific. Region-specific brands will have trouble with targeting all Google users when it is only meant for a defined number of people. You will also have a hard time if you do not have enough categories because this gives your consumers options. The 4 advertising tiers are supposed to correlate with your business model, making it easier for you to classify what your top-selling products or services are. If your brand has a clear profitability point and reaches daily budgets, this is likely a stable marketing strategy to use since you already have the experience with budgeting and time management.

Don’t let your profitable keywords be dragged down by your unprofitable keywords. This approach is meant to maximize the sales of the successful keywords and to obtain the full potential they pose. Optimize keywords and set your business up to land on page one of Google. If the tiered approach is right for your company, contact Premiere Creative at (973) 346-8100 and connect with one of our expert web designers to begin optimizing your website today.