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How to Build a Strong Presence on Amazon This Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season has arrived in full swing; with that comes the need to create an unyielding advertising presence that streamlines a clear path between a customer and your product. Studies show that 67% turn to Amazon for gift buying, so your eCommerce business needs a compelling strategy that will help you reach those shoppers and get them excited about what you have to offer.

With the right advertising strategy, you can raise brand awareness, sales, and visibility during Amazon’s busiest time of the year. To help you navigate this year’s holiday season, check out these tips to place your offerings in front of more buyers on the eCommerce juggernaut.

Optimize Your Amazon Product Display Page

The Amazon Product Display Page (PDP) is where buyers make informed purchasing decisions. Serving as an online product listing, a strong page that checks all the boxes will result in higher impression rates. By deploying the right messaging and creative tactics, you can create a product display page that attracts even more customers. Utilize Amazon’s A+ Content program, which allows sellers to add extra images, comparison charts, and richer copy.

The Product Title

The title gives buyers an accurate snapshot of your goods. Amazon’s A9 search algorithm ranks products based on how they relate to search queries. For this reason, a clear title is crucial in helping customers discover your product. An informative, easy-to-read title that includes key facts about the item listing will help customers gain more information in one glance. Include your brand name, materials, and any differentiating features to make your listings stand out from competitors. Furthermore, aim to keep the title short, no more than about 60 characters, so that it does not get cropped, resulting in customers not being able to see the full title.

Use High-Quality Product Imagery

The imagery featured in your product’s PDP can make or break a sale. About 75% of online shoppers rely on imagery alone when making the decision to buy. The images should be clear and free of clutter, so they communicate value as well as style. They should also be consistent with the colors and styles of other photos in your listing. If the buyer cannot clearly see what you’re selling, then it’s unlikely that they will add it to their cart. Choose 4 or more high-resolution photos for each item your brand has to offer.

Leverage Product Bullet Points

This is where you persuade buyers to purchase the items your brand has to offer. Include 3 or more bullet points and a clear overview of the key features. A clear and engaging description will help customers understand the features effortlessly. Reiterate the title and description in the bullet points but make sure to avoid text-heavy with less than 1,000 characters in total.

Reconsider Your Product Description

Spend time creating a detailed description that goes beyond the bullet points on the detail page. An excellent description should give the buyer all the benefits and details of your listing that will maximize visibility and conversion on Amazon. A great tip is to treat this section like a short narrative with complete sentences while supporting your brand’s voice. Identify the target audience and address them directly through the description. This tailors your messaging for your ideal buyer persona. Try experimenting with Amazon’s DSP (Demand Side Platform), where you can select a targeting choice to reach new customers.

Secure New Customer Reviews

Studies show that 93% of buyers read online reviews before transacting. More importantly, these buyers report that reviews heavily influence their purchase decisions. Reviews build trust between you and the buyer and promote customer loyalty. We recommend promoting ASINS with more than 5 customer reviews with 3.5 stars or higher to boost your brand’s online reputation. If your brand lacks reviews, consider joining Amazon’s Vine Program. Here you can enroll the ASINS you plan to send to customers in exchange for a review.

Discover New Customers with Amazon PPC Ads

Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Ads give brands a cost-effective way to connect with new customers, thereby unlocking the opportunity for higher conversion rates this holiday season. These paid ads enhance your brand’s organic visibility and offer a variety of ad types depending on your preference. The available paid advertising formats on Amazon include:

  • Sponsored Products Ads: Promotes individual listings on Amazon that appear on product detail pages and shopping result pages.
  • Sponsored Brand Ads: Uses keyword targeting that highlights multiple items at once. This type of ad helps sellers reach new audiences with images, videos, and headlines.
  • Sponsored Display Ads: Increases campaign efficiency by positioning your ad in multiple locations such as search result pages, the customer review section, product detail pages, and marketing emails.

Quick Steps for Preparing Your Amazon Holiday Campaign

It’s time to get your Amazon campaign up and running. We pulled together a collection of simple actions to build the foundation of your Amazon holiday campaign.

Review the Product Detail Page

As previously mentioned, the product display page is the foundation of your brand’s Amazon presence. Follow the steps previously mentioned to optimize your performance this season and review all the elements to ensure a consistent brand tone.

Generate Search Reports

Amazon’s search report breaks down the keywords and phrases shoppers use when browsing through product catalogs. Helium 10 Magnet, the largest database of Amazon keywords, is a favorable alternative to Amazon’s search report that displays high-volume, low-competition keywords. Sprinkle those keywords around your product title, bullet points, and description to supercharge your Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts.

Prioritize Your Top Products

We recommend you create peak season-specific campaigns to highlight the top-performing items. To pinpoint the top sellers, check out the best seller’s page or Performance Metrics under the performance tab. Make sure each ASIN has plenty of units in stock – you don’t want to sell out of your most popular products!

Holiday Selling Strategies to Maximize Profits on Amazon!

The holidays are an exciting time to get your brand in front of the right people—and make a lot of money on Amazon. We understand how stressful preparing for the holiday season can be and that is why we are here to help. With these insider tips, you will be ready for anything this holiday season throws at you! If you need any further support, contact Premiere Creative today at (973) 346-8100 to help you run your holiday campaigns! Happy Holidays, everyone!