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Never Overlook TikTok as a Marketing Tool

Never underestimate the sheer power of social media, particularly TikTok! Social media is a wonderful place to connect with customers and present your advantageous services to a new wave of future clients. Since its initial launch, TikTok quickly transformed into one of the leading and most accessible mobile apps, with an engagement rate that overwhelmingly exceeds any other social site.

Are you weighing the benefits and drawbacks of adding TikTok into your marketing mix? Then read on to learn how you can make the popular app an essential component in your digital toolbox.

Is TikTok a Viable Tool for Brand Awareness?

With social media now an integral cog in countless marketing strategies, brands must consider new avenues to reach more buyers. While most teams immediately flock to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, newer platforms like TikTok often end up on the chopping block.

Initially, industry leaders scoffed at the mere thought of using TikTok for marketing purposes. But due to its profound impact on today’s culture, TikTok is the go-to channel for reaching younger buyers in a way that doesn’t feel contrived. TikTok is here to stay, so marketers should keep brainstorming ways to tailor their content to the platform.

Genuine Content

TikTok is a completely different platform from its competitors like Instagram and Facebook—not only in its layout and content but also in how people utilize it. Unlike Instagram, (where users tend to brandish facades), TikTok encourages users to remain authentic, allowing people to broadcast their style, interests, and passions. TikTok personalities tend to get more personal on the platform, not wanting to seem fake and perfect.

Nobody is perfect — and TikTok is the ideal space to embrace silly mistakes and imperfections. Thus, authenticity is the key to brands achieving success on TikTok. Create content with different camera angles, vibrant colors, and intriguing people. Unless you make your messaging memorable, you will not witness an influx of organic followers.

Authenticity means to play a more human role on TikTok. Being imperfect on TikTok creates intimacy between brands and their audiences, and builds a relationship driven by respect and understanding. While the content creators on the app try not to mask themselves, neither do the commenters. If they love what they see, they will shower you with praise; however, this also opens your brand up to criticism from unsatisfied viewers. The people who use TikTok are real, what you see is what you get. So, take note of the comments and see what questions they ask and the kind of content they want to see.

TikTok Houses TONS of Content Creators

TikTok has about 1 billion users, with 83% having posted at least one video. Moreover, TikTok has 100 thousand content creators with each posting at least 2-4 times a day. Creativity thrives on TikTok. There are so many different niches on TikTok that some are bound to pique your interest in a variety of ways. Ample content also means that there are a lot of diverse types of content creators. This wide range of creators is great when looking for influencers to advertise your brand because you are bound to find someone who can create the perfect content for you.

Your brand should look to reinvigorate your influencer strategy by working with creators who can bring your brand message to life in meaningful ways. Influencers on TikTok are popular creators who understand how to use the platform to gain followers. There are also plenty of micro-influencers (personalities with a smaller but strong following) that will promote your services for more affordable prices. Some may even willingly endorse your brand in exchange for a free product. Influencers are always searching for unique brands to work with, which means that there will always be someone willing to work with you.

Develop a Personal Connection

TikTok fans tend to create what feels like a personal connection with the creators they watch. Some creators even feel a connection to their consistent commenters and followers. Users feel like the people on their screens are friends, despite only interacting with them in the comment section or a DM inbox. People build a sense of trust with who they watch and what they see, which is great when it comes to advertising and marketing.

Brands do not even need to recruit influencers to cultivate a personal connection with new audiences. Instead, they can create an account and begin creating immersive content. The more real your content is, the more likely you are going to create real connections with your followers which also makes them more likely to become customers.

Easy, Attention-Grabbing Trends

Whether you manage a lifestyle or sustainable fashion brand, the appropriate TikTok content can bring your audience closer to you. Are you drawing blanks on the types of content to post? No problem! TikTok is full of trends that are easy to make your own. Trending sounds are always an effective way to go when it comes to trying to get viewers to see what you are creating. Creators in all niches of TikTok can use the same sound and make it their own by adding text to the video.

Another strategy to seize people’s attention requires using fun filters and cool effects to enhance a video’s quality. There are new filters that come out all the time that TikTok wants its users to utilize. TikTok trends are usually short and captivating, which makes them easy to watch. These trends are quick and easy to leverage, potentially generating a massive volume of views, when done correctly. However, don’t just use these trends to promote your products – users will see right through it and be less likely to engage.

Making TikTok Work for You!

TikTok grants brands the opportunity to publicize services in an affordable, yet straightforward way. Through TikTok, brands can automate workflows for posting organic branded content across different social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest. By having a holistic view of their cross-platform efforts, marketers can adjust their SEO strategies quickly or test engagement levels within a single social media app before distributing content broadly.

There are so many easy connections to make and new things to try. While TikTok is newer than other social giants like YouTube and Instagram, it continues to enjoy stellar year-over-year growth. Thus, we cannot deny that TikTok will dominate the future of social media marketing. Most folks assume TikTok only appeals to Gen Z users; but the age range of TikTok users keeps increasing, making it advantageous for a wide demographic.

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