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Amazon’s Branded Tailored Audiences: Redefining Email Marketing for Sellers

Amazon Branded Tailored Audiences

In 1978, Digital Equipment Corporation sent out the first mass marketing email to 400 potential clients, resulting in $13 million in sales. For the past 45 years, inboxes all over the world have been inundated with strategic email marketing campaigns to help drive sales and engagement. Amazon has reinvigorated the oldest form of digital marketing with their branded tailored audiences tool for sellers, which brings the audience and the metrics for success to Seller Central.

Navigating Amazon’s Branded Tailored Audiences for Effective Email Campaigns

The most difficult aspects of traditional email marketing involve cultivating an email list, measuring metrics for success, and writing engaging copy that pulls your audience down the sales funnel. Amazon email marketing works differently by integrating all these steps into one location: Amazon Seller Central. Amazon builds your email list by identifying the exact audience that is most likely to purchase the product, meaning you are no longer wasting time and money sending emails to an audience who is not likely to engage. Amazon does this by building an email list that consists of brand followers, as well as recent, repeat, and high-spend customers of your products. Not only does this lead to more sales, but it also drives brand engagement and identity, which is often lost through the distant distribution of e-commerce.

However, the original list of available audiences confined sellers to a narrow set of restrictions and potential customers. Amazon has recently announced that they will be adding five more audiences to the list of available email recipients:

  • Potential New Customers: have clicked on a product or added it to their cart recently but have not made a purchase in the last twelve months.
  • Cart Abandonments: added one or more items from your brand to their cart but have not purchased in the last ninety days.
  • Top-Tier: purchased recently and spent the most.
  • Promising: purchased recently, buy occasionally, and spend above average.
  • At Risk: have not purchased recently nor frequently with varied spending.

Amazon’s new and improved list of tailored audiences takes the guesswork out of customer targeting. This approach ensures efficient communication, maximizing the impact of your email marketing efforts within the centralized platform of Seller Central.

The Art of Personalized Promotional Emails on Amazon

Amazon allows sellers to send two types of emails: transactional and promotional. Transactional emails relay important information regarding a customer’s order, such as purchase or shipping notifications, order status updates, and policy change notices. Transactional emails tend to be automated, whereas promotional emails generate brand loyalty and allow for brand identity to shine. Instead of a cold, automated sales pitch, explore the various customizable options that give a unique touch to your email campaigns. Accomplish this by selecting a subject line, section header, and layout that is personalized to your brand identity. Your logo and professional product pictures should also have a prominent presence.

Nothing creates brand loyalty like coupon codes and discounts. When sending out a promotional email, you have the option to send out a coupon code to all recipients or to only specified audiences. Taking advantage of these functions can drag an at-risk audience member into the top tier within a couple of campaigns.

Truly understand your audience with data-driven methods through the Manage Your Customer Engagement, or M.Y.C.E, feature in Seller Central. Here, you’ll be able to review the metrics from previous email campaigns as well as launch a new one. The metrics consist of:

  • Emails Delivered: the number of emails that were successfully delivered to the recipients’ inbox.
  • Opt Out: number of recipients who clicked the “opt out of future emails” button.
  • Sales: customers who clicked on the provided email link and purchased from the brand within 24 hours.
  • Conversion Rate: the sales metric divided by the total number of campaign recipients.

Building your new campaign around metrics from previous campaigns makes it easier to decide which audiences are the most receptive.

Unleashing the Potential of Amazon’s Branded Tailored Audiences

Amazon’s Branded Tailored Audiences on Seller Central revolutionizes email marketing. By efficiently building targeted lists and expanding audience options, sellers can enhance engagement and drive sales. The platform’s versatility in sending both transactional and promotional emails, coupled with customizable features, allows brands to establish a distinctive identity. With the power of data-driven metrics through Manage Your Customer Engagement, sellers gain insights, optimize campaigns, and foster lasting customer relationships.

Want the results without all the extra work? Premiere Creative’s expertise in the realms of Amazon e-commerce and email marketing turns your cart abandoners into top tier customers. Call (973) 346-8100 to schedule a consultation and watch your conversion rates grow to new areas of success.