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A Quick Look into Amazon Streaming TV Ads 

Amazon Streaming TV Ads

Picture an advertisement for your business, in the commercial breaks of prime-time Thursday night football. Such a scenario sounds like a dream to any company, as entertainment from the gridiron attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers. Amazon, known for its promotion and streaming of Thursday night football, and other popular TV & movie selections, sells streaming ads for businesses to purchase. Reach a whole new world of customers through Amazon streaming TV ads. STV ads fall under an array of video ads that Amazon offers for companies. Read on to learn about what a streaming TV ad is, where it appears, and the benefits these ads provide businesses.

The Basics: Defining Amazon’s Streaming TV Ad Service

Streaming TV ads are typically full-screen, non-skippable video ads that appear before, during, or after streaming content like TV shows and movies. They surface across platforms that can play content like desktops, mobile devices, and connected “smart” TV environments. Most of these services are streamed through television. Video ads, including streaming TV ads, are available for brands, vendors, sellers, and agencies to purchase across North America. Businesses can buy video ads whether or not they sell products on Amazon.

OTT ads, also known as streaming TV ads, refer to the advertisements delivered to viewers within this video content. OTT, or streaming TV, ads offer an opportunity for advertisers to reach new audiences at scale as more viewers lean into streaming video content in lieu of traditional cable and broadcast TV.

Keeping Up Appearances with STV Ads

Before investing in this marketing tactic, an interested company should thoroughly understand where their ad appears and ensure it will be exposed to the appropriate audience. Streaming TV ads surface in popular streaming content like exclusive originals on Amazon Freevee, live-streamed entertainment on Twitch, live sports including Thursday Night Football, top TV and network broadcaster apps, and the curated News app on Fire TV. However, supply sources vary by location. Online video ads reach audiences on Amazon-owned sites including

They also appear across the web on leading third-party publisher sites through Amazon Publisher Direct and third-party exchanges. Research these platforms to decide if this is a promising choice for your business. These outlets reach such a broad audience and possess a value that completely changes the game of advertising. With this wonderful opportunity, there are guidelines that Amazon has put in place, split into these categories:

General Creative Guidelines

  • Only available in US, DE and UK
  • Site serving requires an MP4 video file
  • Pillarbox or letterbox formatting is accepted, however, Streaming TV ads with both pillarbox and letterbox in the same ad will not be accepted
  • Streaming TV ads are delivered in non-clickable environments so they should not include call-to-action elements that encourage clicking (e.g., a button shape that says “learn more”)
  • Third party impression tracking is accepted for specific vendors, please consult your Amazon Ads representative for details

Here are the video specifications:

Each of these topics has detailed sections, explaining how to conduct a proper streaming video advertisement. Many different aspects go into creating an appropriate advertisement and ensuring that a company hits all the marks can be a daunting task. However, the benefits are soon noticed!

Benefits of Amazon TV Streaming Ads

Choosing to utilize Amazon as an outlet for your next advertisement creates the opportunity to expand your reach and hit your target audience with ease! Your advertisement will be shown where most rely on receiving their entertainment. Amazon’s ad solutions offer a broad reach across exclusive and premium inventory and first-party audiences powered by widespread Amazon streaming signals. According to Amazon’s advertising page, 87% of US households have a connected TV device, with an average monthly audience of 155MM + across Amazon ad-supported streaming TV.

In addition, compared to linear TV, the average number of incremental viewers of Amazon streaming TV ads is over 10% higher. In choosing one of the powerhouses of today’s streaming world to market to your consumers, you would be guaranteed satisfaction in your choice.

Making Amazon Streaming TV Ads Work for You

Picture your business advertisement on the big screen! Millions of Americans can tune into your ad. Consider taking your advertisement tactics to the next level, with Amazon Streaming TV ads. Premiere Creative digital marketing agency can help you get started in making this dream scenario a reality.

With knowledgeable staff and years of experience, Premiere Creative understands the confusion, and stress these large projects can cause. Rest assured; your questions will be answered! Call (973) 346-8100, for a consultation from one of our experts today.