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Why is Content Important?

If there was one thing we could reiterate to clients over and over again, it would be that content is king. Why? Because content holds the power and can attract and persuade, it’s the most powerful SEO tool. High quality, keyword rich content is also important to your website. There is more and more competition daily for websites and consumers are looking for the most unique, useful and relevant information.

When a search is conducted in a search engine, it most likely started with a few SEO keywords. Search engines then crawl the internet looking for the most relevant content for the user. Search engines are constantly doing updates and indexing, adding new websites and materials. By having your website indexed and showing the search engine your website is content rich and is relevant to specific SEO keywords, the more worthy you look and the better chance you have of them finding you.

Search engines can’t find your webpage if there isn’t any content, or more importantly, SEO keywords. Search engine robots won’t crawl your website if there isn’t any content. Without content, there’s no way of defining your page or figuring out what your website is about, from a search engine’s perspective.

Each webpage within your website should have at least 300 words and should be descriptive, with important SEO keywords creatively within. Your webpage content should describe what your webpage is about (what service you’re offering, what this department is about, etc.) Content helps your website rank in search engines and with keywords throughout, should eventually help your website become top rank.