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What is Google Panda 2.5?

The Google algorithm, also known as Google Panda recently released their latest update, Google Panda 2.5. Panda’s last update was about 7weeks prior, which is one of the largest gaps they have had in their update schedule so far.  So what is Google Panda? Think of it as a complicated math equation. Google uses hundreds of different factors to determine who and which websites to rank in their search engine. So, when you see results appear on page one, it’s the result of Google’s algorithms. The Google Panda update involves changes to this complicated math equation, which often changes the ranking amongst many different search combinations.

Now, more than ever is Google focusing on quality web content and websites overall. Unique, keyword-rich content will help your website appear in search results, but if you’re recycling content, re-writing someone else’s website content or even plagiarizing, you won’t be appearing in search results any time soon.

In fact, Google will start penalizing websites even more for using duplicate content, or even recycled content. Although any experienced SEO expert will tell you right off the bat the importance of unique, keyword-rich content, Google Panda will reinforce that. SEO is becoming more and more common among small and even large businesses, but quality websites with quality content and more important than ever.

Quality websites are important to search engines; they are one of the many factors that go into Google’s decision for ranking. Panda will punish your website in terms of SEO visibility if you don’t have a quality website or unique quality content. Any web marketing or SEO company will tell you the importance of quality websites and content. Without, Panda 2.5 will see that you don’t receive SEO visibility in search engines. If you aren’t visible, your customers and potential customers won’t be able to find you.