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What is Google Penguin 3.0?

Google Penguin

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), there are black hat and white hat techniques that can be used to improving the ranking of your website. White hat techniques are focused on the people actually using your website just as much as they are focused on search engines like Google. While these techniques may take a little longer to show their effectiveness, they protect you from penalties that can result in lost business.

What is a Google Penguin Penalty?

Penguin is Google’s way to combat black hat SEO by penalizing websites that attempt to manipulate search engine results by accumulating a high number of links from other websites that exist simply to increase page rankings. These collusive relationships expose websites to a high level of risk and poor user experience. Link schemes violate Google’s guidelines on incoming and outgoing links and don’t equate to the organic popularity your website really needs. The best way to receive high-quality links and improve search engine ranking is to build both over time by creating content that is relevant and interesting.

Once Penguin penalizes your website, you do not have the opportunity to see if Google approves any changes you have made until it releases the next update to its algorithm. Google had indicated that the review process would be more frequent and that the wait between updates, which used to take months, would be done on an ongoing basis. There are still some uncertainties about the timing of updates and indications that they may be done periodically, which means that you must plan for long stretches in between. Having your website protected in the first place by utilizing white hat SEO practices is essential to preventing the loss of business due to decreased traffic and visibility.

The difference between Penguin 3.0 and previous updates is the extent to which the algorithm has changed. This isn’t a minor update, and you should pay attention to changes in your rankings, which very likely suggest that your website has been affected. Google will not alert you to penalties. Even if you don’t think your website has been hit by the latest update, it is worth seeking out a company that can professionally review your website, audit inbound links, and evaluate other potential risks.

Final Thoughts on Google Penguin 3.0

If your website has already been hit by Penguin, professional services can put you on a track toward recovery and regaining lost business that resulted. You will need a strategy for addressing penalties and building links through improved SEO practices and stronger content so that you are ready for the next refresh or update. Remember that the goal of Penguin is to weed out websites that provide poor user experience and rely on manipulative techniques. If you focus on creating exceptional content that attracts people and keeps them coming back for more, not only will you avoid penalties which could result in incredible amounts of lost business, you will build relationships with your customers and continue to see the rewards over months and years. To learn more about Penguin 3.0, talk to one of our experts at Premiere Creative and give us a call at (973) 346-8100.