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Three Reasons Why You Should Use an Editorial Calendar to Plan Content

In some cases even the best website owners and social media strategists fall into bouts of serious writer’s block. Staying on top of your all of your social networks is important so you know that you are reaching all of your followers through ever service. Having to come up with new content each week or even days on top of generating effective social media posts is a daunting task. One of the best remedies of curing a bout of “not knowing what to write about” is to plan ahead using an editorial calendar.

With that being said here are three tips that prove using an editorial calendar to manage your social media is crucial.

How an Editorial Calendar Will Help You:

  1. It lets you strategize with trends that are popular at the time (you can tip them to use Google Trends to see what might be something popular that people search for during that month that they can relate to their business or their blog and then schedule several posts around that topic for during the month.
  2. It lets you then know where you social media focus needs to be – in terms of setting up social media posts to go out, as well as to schedule searches around that key term so that you are interacting with people who would have a common interest with what you are doing.
  3. It lets you share with other people in your business what you are doing – so they can keep their eyes and ears out for news stories, or stories within your business that are applicable to the editorial focus for the month – crowdsourcing information like that keep your information fresh even though you are planning it ahead of time

Tools like Hootsuite (which lets you organize, schedule, and manage one or multiple social accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) make it even easier to plan and implement strategies on a social calendar.  They give you the power to schedule (and reschedule when necessary) the posts that you have put together in order to have a cohesive focus for the month.

While putting together an editorial calendar can seem like an overwhelming task (especially if you manage a few accounts for your brand) using Hootsuite lets you manage them all at once and can give you a second chance to review how your editorial calendar is shaping up as a cohesive content strategy.  Because the platform also lets you track social engagement (in the form of who has interacted with your posts) it is also easier to see at a glance, which aspects of your editorial calendar worked best.  An editorial calendar is a time commitment, but sitting down for one or two longer periods of time in order to plan out your social media from a high level approach to strategy is typically much more beneficial than planning posts on the fly, day-to-day, when you have time.  Plus, the social ROI is much better! For more help on kickstarting your editorial calendar, contact our experts at Premiere Creative and give us a call at (973) 346-8100.