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What is Rebel Mouse? And How it Can Help Your Social Reach

If you are managing a website one of the goals you will likely have is to entice people into following your social media account(s) so that you can keep them up to date on important new information and stay at the top of their mind.  A terrific way to do this is to have “follow me” buttons on your site.  But, as social media button logos start to be seen everywhere, it feels as though fewer people instinctively push on them to follow businesses.  That means that any way you can inspire them to want to follow you is very helpful to building your brand’s reach.  RebelMouse wants to be the solution to this challenge.

Essentially, RebelMouse is a social media aggregator that puts all of your profiles, statuses and updates into one place and lets you display different feeds dynamically and embed them onto any page you would like.

Before RebelMouse, the only way to display your social media on a site required downloading separate plugins through WordPress or including html code that allows social network widgets to appear. Not to mention each social network, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ or any other, they would all require their own plugin or code. Going this route to share your social content can be quite frustrating.

Ease To Use

RebelMouse gives you quite a few options.  You can input all of your social media into RebelMouse to give yourself a cohesive visual overview of what is going on in your campaigns.  Then, when you want to embed your RebelMouse page on your site to showcase your social media to clients/visitors you can opt to have them see everything, or you can opt to have them see posts that you designate by creating a special hashtag.  You might create one that is #post so that it will show on your web page any social media you put up that says #post (we try to always use an easy to remember hashtag).

In addition to having your social media profiles embedded in a feed on your site, there are quite a few cosmetic options that the team offers (even in its free version!).  For instance you can make quite a few changes to the Pinterest-like layout of the updates, including “freezing” certain posts so that they always appear in a specific location on the grid (and new posts will rotate in around them).

The great thing about RebelMouse is that it unifies all of your social media profiles so that people that visit your site don’t have to look anywhere else. In fact, they can interact with your posts right there on the site.  So if you inspire someone to react to your most recent Facebook post, they can react right there in that moment, there is no chance that they will lose interest in sharing you with their friends, or sending you a comment.  That is the sort of inspired engagement that spreads the word about your business! If you need extra help navigating RebelMouse or want more information, contact our experts at Premiere Creative and give us a call at (973) 346-8100.