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SEO and Flash

Last time we discussed how implementing descriptive title tags can improve your website’s navigation and internet marketing. Today we tackle the next bullet point:

3) Are you minimizing your reliance on Flash?

One of the worst feelings a business owner can experience is finding out that the gorgeous website he invested so much money in is actually hindering his search engine optimization efforts.  Flash animations can certainly add a nice aesthetic touch to a website, but the bottom-line is that most search engines can’t read them, and if search engines can’t read what’s on your site, then it’s as if your site does not exist. For this reason, if you are serious about improving your search engine ranking, then it is absolutely crucial for you to make sure that if you choose to use Flash, that you still have enough content to flesh out your site and make it searchable for crawlers. This leads to our last checkpoint:

4) Are you optimizing your homepage for web marketing purposes?

Speaking of Flash, some businesses opt for a homepage that contains just images and very little text. Although such a layout might look clean and elegant, it does absolutely nothing for your content marketing goals. You don’t have to scrap your entire homepage, but you should definitely add some more text to your homepage and make sure that you embed your keywords throughout and link those keywords to the relevant pages on your site.

That’s all for now. We hope you found this checklist helpful. If you have some of your own tips on how to better align your web design with your SEO goals, please feel free to leave a comment below.