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Title Tag Optimization

Welcome back to the second segment of our series on making sure your website isn’t losing out on any of its own important SEO hotspots. Last time we talked about why it’s so important to embed the right keywords into your web pages. Today we’ll discuss the second checkpoint:

2) Are you using keyword-rich title tags?

Are you using keywords in your title tags? It seems almost too obvious, but we feel it is worth saying again because too often new businesses will launch websites with their web pages inappropriately (or should we say, ineffectively) labeled as “page1” or their company’s name. If you’re looking to improve your web marketing and get noticed on the web, then you should make sure that your title pages use some of the keywords that you’re targeting.

Another benefit of having descriptive title tags is that it’ll help users (and yourself) navigate through your site. Ideally, you will spread your services/products across several pages. Make each page distinct, and if you can, try to put only one product/service per page. You should never clump all your products/services together on one page. Doing so dilutes the relevance of your page in the eyes of search engine crawlers. In addition, making each web page focus on only one type of product/service will naturally lead to the use of more keywords on those pages, and this will only help you in terms of content marketing.

To read more about simple yet important ways to spruce up your web design to better meet your SEO goals, stay tuned for our next post.