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How to Optimize Your Company’s LinkedIn Page in 2023

Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the Internet; if your company is one of the 58 million organizations utilizing LinkedIn, you’ve already made a great choice. Seeing higher sales profits on LinkedIn requires you to differentiate your company from the vast sea of competitors. Emphasizing the unique aspects of your brand will carve out a loyal clientele base that will (hopefully) purchase your products instead of your rivals’. Investing time and precious resources to build a LinkedIn presence may seem pedantic at first but will prove cost-effective in your long-term publicity campaign.

Recently, LinkedIn introduced new features you may want to weave into your social media outreach strategy. The Premiere Creative team curated an updated list of ways to enhance your LinkedIn company presence. In this blog, we’ll outline some clever ways to boost your brand’s reach, increase conversions, and augment profits.

Post More LinkedIn Content

A dormant LinkedIn company presence won’t unlock the maximum number of benefits the platform can provide. Thus, make sure you prioritize a content strategy. Posting regular content establishes your company as an industry thought leader, builds trust with your audience and reinforces brand awareness. Furthermore, the LinkedIn algorithm rates posts by relevance, so users with the most “use” for your brand will eventually see your content.

In other words, the eyes that see your posts belong to readers who may feel more inclined to connect. The users that read your post come from a tailored group: a sub-set that you will want to strategically leverage.

Sharing LinkedIn Content with Other Platforms & Audiences

Don’t make the foolish mistake of keeping your articles exclusively on LinkedIn. If you want to enjoy the most bang for your buck, distribute the content to other platforms. First, select the “Copy Link” button within your post. This will grant you a shareable link, which you can paste onto another social media site like Facebook. Also, you can select Twitter or Facebook to open either platform and auto-generate a new tweet or update.

Don’t stop there! Your brand can tailor your audience for specific posts even further. By default, all content you share from your company page becomes visible to anyone on or off LinkedIn. But if you click the “Anyone” button and select “Targeted Audience,” you decide who sees your content. This type of targeting can become invaluable if you want to spark a conversation with a group of industry peers or prospects. Audience parameters range can be demographic settings like language, region, or location. Alternatively, you can target based on professional parameters like job function, industry, or seniority.

Captivating LinkedIn Post Ideas

In addition to traditional in-feed posts, LinkedIn recently introduced three new content avenues that your marketing team may want to explore: polls, stories, and newsletters. The first two options are short-form mediums, while the third is a long-form option. Let’s explore these avenues in greater detail

Host LinkedIn Polls

This choice is excellent for engagement, allowing you to earn rapid feedback from your audience on questions that you choose. For example, you can ask what types of content your audience wants to see more. Alternatively, you can gain extra insight into the latest trends within your market, so you can make better-informed decisions going forward. Think about it as a LinkedIn makeshift focus group.

To create a poll, go to your feed page, click the “+” icon to add a new post, click the three-dot icon to view more options, and select “create a poll”. Once you write a question, you can add up to four answer choices, and choose a duration for the poll. This period can last for one day, three days, one week, or even two weeks. After you click “Done”, the poll will appear in your feed like a traditional post.

Share LinkedIn Stories

Move over Snapchat and Instagram because stories finally made their glorious debut on LinkedIn. Like the Snapchat and Instagram versions, the ephemeral LinkedIn stories last for 24 hours. Through the new Stories feature, companies can share tips and thoughts on the latest news, highlight milestones or anecdotes, and promote hiring alerts from your company.

In any case, this medium lets your team share and express the company culture in a casual yet professional way. To share a LinkedIn story, tap the “+” sign on your profile, then upload a video or image from your gallery or record a new one. Personalize the content you want to post through stickers or text boxes. Finally, mention any relevant profiles before hitting “Share Story” to post. If followers have any questions or wish to send any feedback, they can respond to your story via direct message. Thus, this chance unlocks another opportunity for one-on-one interaction with followers.

Distribute LinkedIn Newsletters

According to OkDork’s analysis of the top 10% most-shared articles, long-form content receives more social shares than short-form content. Launched in March 2022, the LinkedIn newsletter tool allows brands to post a series of articles with a regular publishing schedule. These schedules can run on a daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. With a newsletter, individual members can subscribe and receive notifications about your new releases. Most newsletters focus on a single industry or a specific topic that can be relevant to a loyal niche of users who will consume it.

As of June 2022, you can also add mentions to your company page’s articles and newsletters. With mentions, anyone you “@” will receive a notification that they can read or engage with the article. You can use the “@” symbol to mention any company page or member profile. When you type this “@,” a drop-down will automatically appear, displaying recommended people or businesses.

Try Paid Promotion for LinkedIn Company Page Events

LinkedIn Live feature allows brands to virtually engage with their audience in real-time. On the side of the stream, viewers can even have side conversations with each other about your brand, which you can contribute to yourself, often answering questions or asking some yourself.

Possible Live event styles include Keynote Speeches, ask-me-anything’s, Q&As, discussions, and panels. After the event itself, the live stream and recording will then appear in your event feed.

How to Create a LinkedIn Live Broadcast

The process for creating a Live broadcast on LinkedIn is rather straightforward.

  • From the LinkedIn feed, click (+) to create a new event. Select your page as the organizer and choose an event type, either online, in-person, or LinkedIn Live. Then, set a date and time and write a brief title and description. The event name can be up to 75 characters. You can also add speakers to generate more interest in the event.
  • If you want to collect attendee details, LinkedIn gives you the option to within this setup.
  • If you would like attendees to register, check the Use a LinkedIn Register Form Box.
  • Create an organic post to promote your event. Write a caption to capture the attention of your target audience and publish your event.

How to Boost LinkedIn Live Events

Launched in June 2022, company pages can boost and sponsor LinkedIn Live events to increase attendance and garner visibility. Follow these simple steps to boost your LinkedIn Live:
Navigate to your company page and find your event.

  • From the event post or event page, click the “boost” button.
  • Adjust the boost settings to meet your needs. You can choose between engagement and brand awareness objectives and choose which profile attributes to target. You can also add a saved audience to a boosted event, but for more advanced audience targeting, it’s best to create an event in Campaign manager.
  • You can use the Forecasted Results feature at the top of the screen to estimate the outcome of your campaign.

How to Sponsor Your LinkedIn Live Broadcast

Here’s how to sponsor your LinkedIn Live:

  • After publishing your event, open “Campaign Manager” and choose an objective that aligns with events such as brand awareness or engagement. For the ad format, choose “event.”
  • You have the option to sponsor the LinkedIn Live event post you already published or build a completely new design. If you choose a new creative design, make sure you have your LinkedIn Live URL handy so you can incorporate it into the ad.

Remember to Engage with Content

Beginning in June 2022, brands could engage with any feed post under their company name. Active engagement lets you amplify your brand’s voice on LinkedIn! Thus, you take a stance on trending issues, provide insight on relevant topics in your industry, build relationships with members and other brands, or share other creators’ content on your company’s page.

You can interact with content on your feed, which includes all the connections and pages you follow, any member profile or company page you visit, or your company page’s feed which includes page posts, employee posts, and hashtags. Consider responding with text posts, link shares, media posts, LinkedIn Live and Event shares, article and newsletter shares, and reposts. If you want to react and engage with LinkedIn content, take the following steps:

  1. Locate your profile picture in the lower-left corner of the post.
  2. Click the down arrow to bring up a menu of all the options you have for interacting with the content.
  3. Select the page you want to use to engage with the post and click the “Save” button to post your reaction.

Track LinkedIn Followers Through Analytics

A lot of time and effort goes into building an audience on LinkedIn, so you don’t want to post content that does not benefit your loyal readers. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the Analytics tool on the company page. You can choose to download the previous 30 days of follower data or select custom dates.

In the past, this information only became available through general demographics and aggregate numbers of followers. Today, this data includes location, job function, seniority, industry, and company size. You can also track how your follower count changed over a specific range, which can help you discover the types of content or strategies on the platform that performed best. This information can then guide your future content marketing strategy. The critical analytics key you in on what drives the engagement and resonates best with your audience.

New Year, New Strategy on LinkedIn

Now that you know how to optimize your LinkedIn presences like a social media superstar, start applying these suggestions to your company’s specific strategies, goals, and needs. Which of these tools would be most helpful for your brand to apply to its LinkedIn profile in the new year?

One size will not fit all and figuring out the appropriate techniques rely on some individual brainstorming. We urge you to let the social media gurus at Premiere Creative walk you through the process. Let us make 2023 the year you maximize the benefits that LinkedIn can provide your company!