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How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel for SEO

YouTube SEO

When you have questions, where do you turn for answers? For quick and concise solutions, most people will type a search query into Google, or ask virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri. Yet some people retain information better when watching an informative video rather than skimming a lengthy blog.

Today, many people turn to YouTube for answers. YouTube is famous for hosting millions of videos on every subject imaginable. Whether learning how to change a tire or the proper way to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving, viewers can watch dozens of YouTube videos to help strengthen their skill set. As one of the most popular search engines on the web, YouTube grants digital marketers, brands, and any average Joe the opportunity to reach the public in an effective and engaging way.

But while anyone can post a video, the true challenge lies in obtaining views and having your video become a viral sensation. Through effective keyword optimization and a few tricks to deck out a YouTube channel, you too can see your videos trend across the video-sharing platform.

The Key to YouTube Keywords

Adding appropriate keywords to your YouTube video can better position your video in front of new viewers. As you type a phrase into the search bar and discover hordes of YouTube videos, try examining the videos appearing at the forefront of search results. You’ll notice that most top-ranked videos contain rich keywords in the video’s description, title, and tags. Consequently, videos with a lower rank tend to lack any optimization whatsoever. In other words, allocating time to identify and implement keywords to a video increases its likelihood of going viral.

But how do you find appropriate keywords? If you’ve already dabbled in SEO, you’re probably aware that a solid keyword strategy relies on comprehensive research. But if you lack the proper insight to perform extensive research, try performing a YouTube search with a particular keyword in mind. Doing so grants you a better understanding of how people communicate about a specific topic, as well as information about your competition.

Another great tool that many digital marketers can utilize is Google Trends. This free tool allows anyone to view percentages on YouTube keyword trends, and other rich data you can synthesize to establish a basic keyword strategy.

Post Consistently on YouTube

If you want to see your YouTube video viewership skyrocket, it’s important to maintain a relationship with the subscribers to your channel; this entices viewers to return for future content. You must also take your post frequency into consideration because constantly populating a channel with fresh content often attracts new viewers. Viewers prefer and want consistency, so it’s beneficial to choose a specific day of the week and time to post new videos. Doing so will help give viewers something to look forward to, and thereby frequent your channel.

Your YouTube Video Debut

You only have one chance to make a good impression; this concept also applies to your YouTube videos. Did you know the first 48 hours after posting your video to YouTube are paramount to gaining significant traffic? In order to analyze success in that particular video, you must completely optimize each element in your video so viewers have an easier time discovering your channel. These essential elements allow users to discover your channel.

What Video Elements Should You Optimize?

So how exactly do you optimize your video to facilitate maximum visibility? Aside from sharing great video content, be sure to focus on your video’s title, thumbnail, and description.

The Title should encourage users to watch your video. In order to create a compelling and successful title, examine similar videos containing the keywords you intend to use. Ask yourself, what stands out about those titles? What emotions do they invoke? Are those titles clear and descriptive, or intestinally ambiguous? What message does this video convey?

Think about the structure your competition used for their title; afterward, brainstorm a similar title containing keywords with the goal to expand and improve it. Another helpful fact to keep in mind is that statistics suggest video titles containing fewer than five words tend to capture users better than videos with longer titles. Most importantly, beware of click-bait! You may feel the urge to create a misleading title, but giving into this temptation will eventually backfire because your risk losing your viewers’ trust, causing them to unsubscribe from your channel entirely.

Videos Thumbnails serve as just as big of a purpose as the title or description. Your thumbnail is what viewers a glimpse into your video’s content. An unattractive thumbnail may cause new viewers to click away. Luckily, YouTube grants channel owners the ability to customize their thumbnails.

The Description of your video is your chance to “sell” your video. The description allows for further information about the video, and it is a prime place to include links to your website, and incorporate keywords. Within the description, go into as much detail as possible so the user leaves with no questions. You can also include ancillary information about your company such as a link to your website.

Monitor Your YouTube Channel

Guess what? Your SEO efforts don’t end once you’ve published your video. Don’t you want to be able to keep track of views and analyze your efforts?

YouTube Analytics records vital and useful information regarding your viewership. Information such as viewer demographics, web traffic sources, and subscriber percentages can help you fine-tune your content for your target audience.

Alternatively, Third-Party Analytics also provide invaluable data. Whether you utilize free tools or pay for the service, these tools allow you to dig deeper into your audience. This understanding will then allow you to craft a better content strategy to appeal to your subscribers’ interests and concerns.

Becoming A YouTube Sensation

Optimizing each YouTube video remains essential for branding your company, and increasing your number of subscribers. With these tips, your videos should rise to the top and stay there. Still not sure how to properly optimize your YouTube channel? At Premiere Creative, we offer comprehensive social media services that can help your videos rack up views. Contact us today for a consultation.