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How to Increase Engagement with Facebook Visual Ads

Facebook Visuals

With the continuous integration of business and technology, advertisers now rely on social media platforms such as Facebook to promote their businesses and appeal to the masses. The right image can achieve success by arresting the audience’s attention immediately. Since Facebook users normally scroll through their feeds, an image must stand out from the masses to gain attention. Learn how you can get the most out of your visuals for Facebook ads. Understanding how to visually showcase your business’ products or services remain key to thriving in today’s digital marketing world.

Make Images Stand Out

One tactic to setting your Facebook image apart from competitors is by selecting images that consumers can relate to and associate a particular emotion with. You can choose images that pull at viewers’ heartstrings whether you are marketing a product such as dog food or the grand opening of a pediatric practice. Alternatively, you can use images that foster a sense of curiosity about your product such as a bold caption overlay or a size comparison. Simply put, your image needs to stimulate and engage audiences in order to peak their interest in what your brand has to offer. As a business, first and foremost evaluate the context of your advertisement and the message you wish to send before find an appropriate image.

Incorporate Color Psychology

There is a strong connection between the colors companies use in branding. The colors within your Facebook advertisement can make a huge difference in enticing potential customers to click through to your ad. Did you know that 90% of all purchases consumers make are due to initial perceptions of color? Have you ever noticed how large companies such as Dell, Wal-Mart, AT&T, and Pfizer use a similar shade of blue, in their logo? Research shows that the color blue invokes a feeling of trust and dependability. Meanwhile, companies such as Target, Kmart, CNN, Coca-Cola, and Canon use almost an identical shade of red in their logo. Companies choose red as it exudes excitement, boldness, and a youthful feeling.

Select images that are reflective of your logo to ingrain your brand’s identity into your marketing strategy. By reinforcing your brand’s identity through colors, viewers may soon associate those colors with a company. Thus, the key to standing out against competitors involves using the right color palette to make your visuals vibrant and click-worthy.

Create Carousel Ads

The key to advertising lies in storytelling or the progression of a journey. Carousel ads feature a unique layout in the same manner, as a book’s cover tends to attract readers. They further hold an audience’s attention longer than any other type of visual ad because of the immersive storytelling aspect. When scrolling through their newsfeeds, your ad will intrigue audiences to stop and scroll through the series of 3 photos to learn more about your product or business. In addition to storytelling, carousel ads offer interaction, which can peak an audience’s curiosity about a product. Carousel ads are ideal for food manufacturers; why not show how easy your product is to prepare a meal with 3 step photos? Similarly, hair salons or beauty supply companies can benefit from carousel ads to display before and after photos or using their product or service.

Facebook Carousel Ads

As you design your carousel ad, make sure to keep it short and concise to avoid overwhelming users. Furthermore, make sure the sales message within your ad remains clear and concise. Doing so creates a sense of urgency within an audience that will generate positive responses to the advertisement and lead to purchases of your product.

How to use Video Ads

Video ads can be another highly effective tool whether using a client testimonial, scripted dialogue or a simple demonstration of a product or service. While some audiences tend to ignore video ads, you can heighten interest using an intriguing thumbnail cover or select an auto play option. Doing so allows audiences to immerse themselves within the advertising experience, and make critical choices when it comes to purchasing a product. Similar to the carousel ads, videos need to be short and sweet while captivating an audience’s attention span.

Envision The Success of Your Business

Statistics show that image or video content will drive nearly 80% of viewers while an ad’s copy will drive only around 20%. Generally speaking, try to keep a balance of the visual and audio content against the text and think about what exhibits your product or service the best.

Visual Ads can be a very powerful tool for marketing that will drive the future of the advertising industry. Facebook offers advertisers excellent opportunities in part to its target marketing strategies, and interactive techniques featured in its visual capabilities. Yet, compelling visual content only solves half of the equation. To learn how your business can target the right audiences, give us a call at  (973) 346-8100 to schedule a meeting with the experts at Premiere Creative today.