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The High ROI of Video Content

Technology has brought down the cost of producing a high quality video so much, that coupled with some astounding statistics on how video increases user engagement, it really is a necessity for businesses wanting to establish a strong web presence. Consider some of these statistics (all of which are very difficult to argue with):

  1. Looking for links? Videos get 267% more links than posts without video (Moz)
  2. Looking for even more links? Combine a video and a list and you can grow your links up to 567% (Moz)
  3. Want high engagement? Videos will keep a visitor on your site 2 minutes longer (Slideshare)
  4. Want to get a specific message through to consumers? 80% of people will watch a video only 20% of people are willing to read text (Slideshare)
  5. Fighting for rankings? Websites with videos are 50 times (!!!) more likely to be ranked on GoogleÕs first page during a keyword search (Wistia)

Great, what do I make my video about?

The first rule of producing a web video is: keep your video content short and concise. FACT: More than half of any audience will hit the STOP button if you go on for more than 90 seconds. That means the most important part of your video process is pre planning and post editing.

Helpful hints for producing your web marketing video

  • Determine what your message is. Keep it something that you can say in a single sentence. For example: Acme Shoes has the lowest prices in the state of New Jersey or, ABC Tutors will help you raise your SAT score by 25 points.
  • Write out the different ways that you can get across your message visually. For example, shots of shoes with prices showing, shots of discount signs, shots of customers trying on shoes.
  • Decide how many people you will need for each shot and film them. Try and film multiple ways so that you have a lot to choose from when you are editing.
  • Write out a script. What do you want to have your narrator say? Do you want the narration to be over many scenes? Do you want to film the person who is speaking? These are all questions that you should think about and that will help you shape your script. HINT: If you don’t have someone that can memorize a one-minute script, then having them read it and overlaying action shots is a great trick to use.
  • Always film more than you need. Going into the editing room with too much footage is the best problem you can have. Reshoots drive up expenses and hours of work.
  • Make sure you include your contact information in your video! Make it easy for people to get a hold of you.
  • Post your video on YouTube and other video sites. Share it in a marketing email to your clients, embed it on your social media pages. Video content can be used across many platforms. Leverage them all!

Video usage is skyrocketing. It is web friendly. It is mobile friendly. It can entertain even as it promotes your brand. It is a chance to get in front of your clients and show them who you are. Any good salesperson will say just get me in front of the client. Everyone is clamoring to get their foot in the door and video lets you get your whole brand in front of someone with the closest interaction other than being there in person. And best of all, not only do potential consumers love video, but search engines do too! It is one of the strongest marketing tools you can use in developing a web presence. For more information on the benefits of video content, contact our marketing experts at Premiere Creative and give us a call at (973) 346-8100.