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Author: Danielle Silvia

Email Subscribers

How to Attract and Engage Subscribers with Email Marketing

Operating an e-commerce business can be especially challenging when a brand relies on email marketing to reach its consumer base. While email marketing does, in fact, provide invaluable benefits, Smart
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Google Image Search

SEO Tips for Better Google Image Search Results

Engineering the future of technology has made great strides; yet, many still do not invest enough time in image optimization for search. In fact, most people neglect image search optimization
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AB Test

How to Succeed Using A/B Testing

Have you ever been unable to pick an image for a Facebook ad? Or maybe you’re stuck deciding on a catchy tagline? If you plan on beginning a marketing campaign
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LinkedIn Ads

What Marketers Must Know About LinkedIn Ads

As one of the top networks for business-to-business marketing, LinkedIn offers brands powerful advertising functions to reach audiences in a niche industry. While many marketers invest in Facebook and Twitter
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Facebook Visuals

How to Increase Engagement with Facebook Visual Ads

With the continuous integration of business and technology, advertisers now rely on social media platforms such as Facebook to promote their businesses and appeal to the masses. The right image
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