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How to Design a Website

Website design can be very effective for both you and your company. There are many basics you want to be sure you’re following when you design a website.

First and foremost, be sure to keep your web design clean and simple. Make sure your colors are appropriate and nice to look at, not too dark. Be sure to make the website design appealing as well, something that jives with the business. Your homepage should have minimal features; you don’t want to distract the user, you want to draw their attention.

Use the least amount of JavaScript and flash animation effects as possible. Flash animation and JavaScript take longer to load than other options, such as Ajax programming. Your web designer will share the differences, pros and cons of each program and why you should avoid Flash animation and Javascript. When you design a website, using CSS is in your best interest. This layout presents your language in an easier, faster manner that arranges your content properly.

User-friendly navigation is essential to any website design. Always start by using text-based navigation, no Flash, Javascript or images. Think simple, nothing that would take long to load or confuse the user. Placement is also very important. Be sure to place navigation in a highly visible spot on the webpage, where a user would see it right away. Proper site navigation should be woven seamlessly into the design of the website so as to guide the user towards where you would like them to go; you should try to avoid giving your site visitors the opportunity to question where they are supposed to go next.