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Facebook Provides Attribution Tool

Facebook Attribution Tool

Wouldn’t you prefer to understand the impact of your advertising dollars across publishers, channels, and devices? Of course! But over time, advertising became more fragmented, blurring your spending dollar’s impact. Along with this, the consumer journey has grown increasingly convoluted as users flow through various forms of media across the open web. Over time, consumers even have gravitated towards using multiple devices in the buyer’s journey. In the end, this shift has changed traditional approaches for attribution, slowly diminishing their ability to produce accurate results.

The importance of accurate attribution is, of course, high. Without it, how can you make decisions on where to move money within your marketing mix? To answer this need, Facebook launched a cross channel attribution tool. Let’s take a look at how you can make Facebook’s new attribution tool work for your business.

The Facebook Attribution Simplifies The Buyer’s Journey

Facebook’s attribution tool allows you to follow behavioral flows that lead to a conversion. Where did they come from, what device did they use, did they use more than one device, and was the content paid or organic? An interesting point about this tool is that Facebook did not attempt to put any bias towards their own media in an attempt to fluff the importance of their activity.

Instead, Facebook designed the tool to work with a multitude of brands that might need to adjust how things are being looked at based on their unique customer journey.

Using The Facebook Attribution Tool For Your Business

This is a customizable tool that allows you to see the customer’s journey and assign a value to each touch point across devices, in a way that makes sense for you. Not only can you see data that is coming through from Facebook activity, but it’s also possible to include various other platforms.

Facebook Attribution Tool

Gone are the days of last touch. In fact, users can specify which attribution model they would like to use within this tool.

  • Even credit – Every touch point receives equal weighting.
  • Last click or visit – The last click gets 100% credit.
  • Last touch – The last click, or view, receives credit.
  • Positional – The first and last actions get a higher portion of the credit with remaining credit divided up between the remaining touch points.
  • Time decay – Credit assigned based on time before the conversion.

Your consumer’s typical conversion journey might be short or maybe it’s long. Facebook has you covered in both of these scenarios; with many look back window options from 1 to 90 days. You can even make adjustments to each individual look back windows for click and impression data.

Reap The Benefits From Premiere Creative’s Attribution Services

Facebook attribution is another tool in an advertiser’s chest that can help determine where funds are being best spent. If you need help making sense of the complex world of attribution, Premiere has the tools and knowledge to help you exceed your goal. Make sure to subscribe to our blog for the latest digital trends and industry updates. Dial (973) 346-8100 to connect with an account rep today.