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Can Pinterest Help SEO?

If you haven’t heard by now, Pinterest is one of the latest social networking websites drawing attention in the social media world. Because of the visual attraction, users are flocking to the latest social site. Pinterest offers a social bookmarking feel, in the sense that you pin your favorite things, like you would bookmark your favorite urls on sites like Delicious and Digg.

Now, SEO specialists are also figuring out the newly popular website and using it to their advantage. Here are some of ways Pinterst can help SEO:

  1. Each “Pin” is linked to the original url it came from, unless a user uploaded a photo directly from their computer.
    1. These links can help build quality backlinks
  2. Right now, do-follow links are found on the pins and can also be put in the description field of pins. Since Pinterest is growing like wild fire, their domain authority is as well, so these links hold some weight. (Many are waiting for the site to convert its do-follow links into no-follow links like other social bookmarking site have done, such as Delicious.)
  3. Including keyword-rich descriptions in your pins will help others determine what your pin is about and hopefully search engines will catch on as well.
  4. Including hashtags in your pins will help Pinterest identify your pins and display them in search results.

Most don’t think the do-follow links will be around for very long, so taking advantage of the PR8 links while you can, may be in your best interest.

Some other basic Pinterest strategies include:

  1. Creating a business profile with your description, website, Twitter and Facebook links.
  2. Creating pinboards for as many topics as you’re going to cover, the more defined they are, the better.
  3. Be sure to identify a category for each pinboard so others can find your pins.
  4. Comment on other pins that are of interest to you
  5. Repin other user’s pins that relate to yours
  6. Start following other users and pinboards you find interesting

Remember, everything that gets pinned on Pinterest gets a follow-link back to your website, so start pinning! Make sure to check out our guide for Pinterest Advertising.