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What is Pinterest?

One of the fastest growing social sharing websites on the internet right now is Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual pinboard that allows you to share and “pin” your favorite things (similar to Delicious where you can share your favorite links, except Pinterest is images). Have you ever been browsing the internet and came across a fun craft you want to try with your kids this weekend or maybe a gorgeous wedding dress you want to flag for the future or even a valuable social media infographic you want to reference in an upcoming business meeting? Now, you can pin all of those finds to your pinboards, share them with other pinners and keep your pinboard organized for when you want to reference a find at a later date.

One of the great things about Pinterest is that you can pin just about anything you want! From recipes to inspiring artwork to home décor ideas to your favorite Twitter strategy articles, all of these things are pin-able. While browsing the internet, you can choose to add an image to your pinboard. Be sure to install the “Pin It” button into your browser toolbar, making it easy to add a pin to your boards at any time.

One of feature of Pinterest is the ability to start following other user’s boards that you like. Once you start bouncing around on the site, discovering all the different pins, you can add some friends and follow pinners that you find interesting. You can choose to follow your existing Twitter and Facebook friends as well.

With the “Pin It” button, you can pin just about anything you want, but Pinterest also allows you to pin other user’s pins. When you’re browsing on Pinterest and see something interesting that you want to save for later, choose to “Repin” it. Repinning allows you to pin someone else’s pin to your own board. Pinning to your boards allows you to organize your own pins into different categories. For example, keep all of your arts and crafts separate from your wedding dress options on different pinboards. If you’re not on Pinterest, join (or add yourself to their waiting list) and find out what all the excitement is about, but keep in mind. once you start pinning, it’s hard to stop!