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On-Page SEO Factors

Basic SEO practice usually starts with on-page SEO factors. When you begin an SEO campaign, there are different pieces of the puzzle you need to “solve” in order to get rolling. Although these important factors aren’t going to boost your ranking in a week, they will sure contribute to Google’s evaluation of your website as well enhancing your website overall. Here are some minor factors to consider when including on-page SEO in your website:

1. Title tags – You’ve most likely done your keyword research before you begin on-page SEO, but if not – now is the time to do it. Your title tags are displayed in two spots: on the top of your webpage, in the title bar of your web browser:

And in the headline of most search results in search engines:

Title tag optimization
Title tag optimization

These title tags will help users understand what your webpage is about and users are more likely to click on a search results with a defined title tag. Be sure to include those SEO keywords!

2. Meta descriptions – The descriptions go alongside the title tags. Meta descriptions are snippets that describe your webpage and can be found under the title tag and URL in search results. You should include SEO keywords here as well and a call to action at the end. Try to describe your page with about 150 characters (and don’t act too pushy).

3. Headers Tags – H1 header tags should be on every page throughout your website. Once a user is on your page, the H1 gives them the overview of what’s on the page. You can sort your copy underneath and break it up using H2 and H3 tags as well. Google looks for these types of SEO factors when crawling websites.

4. Internal linking – Internally link your website using important SEO keywords. These minor links can add a boost to your keyword ranking in search engines.

5. Alt tags – Alt tags should be used on your images within your website. If an image does not load, the alt tag will appear in its place and “tell” the reader what they’re missing. Search engines can also use your images in search results if there are tags.

All of these on-page SEO factors are important and shouldn’t be overlooked. Some may seem tedious when you’re updating them, but it’s helpful and every little boost helps.