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Meet Premiere Creative’s 2021 Summer Interns

summer interns

At Premiere Creative, we challenge each other to transform into the best version we can be. Led by our team of talented digital marketing experts, Premiere Creative hosts a 12-week unpaid internship program. We hold internship sessions three times per year (fall, spring, and summer) to help passionate and eager students enter the workforce immediately after graduation.

This summer, we were fortunate to recruit three exceptional interns who made invaluable contributions to our content development team. Before they head into the next academic year, our summer 2021 interns shared with us some fun facts. Every day they apply lessons from the classroom and our training program to the real world, helping us tackle and find solutions for challenges our clients face on the web. Say Hi to Allie, Kayla, and Sarah!

Allie Veinote

Allie Veinote recently graduated from Seton Hall University with a degree in Marketing, a psychology minor, and a certificate of entrepreneurship. Her burning passion for marketing and entrepreneurship developed when she worked in the hospitality and tourism industry while in Maine. This experience allowed Allie to fully realize the impact strategic marketing can have on small family-owned businesses attempting to compete with big-box retailers.

As Allie searches for ways to diversify her skill set, she currently aspires to earn her MBA. Once she completes her next degree, Allie hopes to work in the hospitality, publishing, or non-profit sector.

During her tenure at Premiere Creative, Allie seeks to master transferrable skills that will prove valuable in her future career path. She enjoys helping small companies achieve their entrepreneurial goals by writing informative blogs and attention-grabbing social media posts on platforms like Facebook and Pinterest.

According to Allie, Premiere’s digital marketing internship exposed her to a myriad of new concepts. Despite the quick pace and demanding workload expected, Allie rose to the occasion and sharpened her writing skills, a source of great pride. For future Premiere Creative interns, Allie strongly urges candidates to take the initiative of researching emerging digital trends and always ask questions.

Kayla Lemma

Kayla Lemma is currently enrolled at Pace University, majoring in marketing, advertising, and integrated marketing communications with a minor in finance. She plans to use her marketing degree to help different clients build their brand and grow revenues with advertising. After college, she aspires to work for a marketing agency with a diverse roster of clients. In ten years, Kayla envisions working in NYC or New Jersey, climbing the corporate ladder at a marketing agency or as an in-house marketing executive at one of her favorite brands.

At Premiere Creative, Kayla had the chance to craft SEO blogs for our own agency, optimize Google My Business product descriptions, craft multiple blogs for clients in the hospitality industry, compose paid Facebook posts, assist with foundational work on email marketing campaigns in the toy industry. With this internship, she appreciates the chance to experiment with clients from different industries.

The hands-on, real-world experience gained from Premiere’s internship will ultimately fuel Kayla’s success, especially as she continues to learn about new digital marketing concepts. She would advise future Premiere Creative interns to always ask as many questions as possible. The staff at Premiere is eager to help and teach, so capitalize on the opportunity to learn in such a growth work environment. One interesting fact about Kayla is that she is the secretary of the Advertising Club at Pace University.

Sarah Sacker

Sarah Sacker currently attends the Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA, where she studies journalism with a minor in digital media analytics and trends. Regarding her career aspirations, Sarah would like to venture into marketing, public relations, strategic communications, or website creation once she graduates in 2022. Sarah would love to make her way into a position at either a public relations firm, communication agency, boutique marketing agency, or working for a non-profit organization. In ten years, Sarah hopes to find herself at a high-profile company that works to better their community and the world. She is also interested in working in a major city or even overseas in Europe.

As a digital marketing intern at Premiere Creative, Sarah has worked on multiple projects for several clients. Sarah’s responsibilities involved writing and editing SEO blogs, optimizing Google My Business listings, creating Pinterest Pins, conducting competitive research, completing quality checks for newly launched websites, and helping prepare presentations for new client pitches. What Sarah enjoys most about Premiere’s summer internship is how much feedback she receives on her writing, transforming her into a more sophisticated copywriter. Sarah is positive this internship has helped prepare her for future positions by teaching her to pay greater attention to detail, write more efficiently, better understand SEO and the importance of keywords, and what companies expect from a digital marketing agency.

Future interns at Premiere Creative should be a sponge. J.J and John have great experience in this field and will share many skills and tips that will help you in any future job. John is very understanding and will walk you through what needs to be done but be sure to be diligent and work hard,” explained Sarah. As a first-time intern, this has been a great internship for Sarah and has helped prepare her for any future internships or job positions. One interesting fact about Sarah is that she has been to Alaska three times and it made her fall in love with the outdoors.

About Premiere Creative’s Internship Program

Since offering our first digital internship in 2009, Premiere Creative has acquired and mentored over 60+ highly qualified college students from prestigious schools like Princeton, Penn State, Rutgers, Montclair State, and NYU. Our digital marketing intern program – offered both in-person and remotely – provides college students with real client experience, freedom to test creative ideas, and one-on-one mentoring to deliver a rewarding experience.

As a certified woman owned business, Premiere Creative strives to help college students better navigate their career paths. Rather than have you fetch coffee, our team will collaborate to fine-tune your resume and LinkedIn profile, as well as coach you on how to secure full-time employment when the time comes. Interns will also participate in four online learning sessions.

How to Apply for an Internship at Premiere Creative

Interested in joining the team? Browse our job openings and stay tuned for upcoming internship opportunities. You can apply on our website, Indeed, Glassdoor, or Handshake. Candidates must also provide a resume, cover letter, and writing sample for consideration. For more information on our Internship program, give us a call at (973) 346-8100. We look forward to receiving your application!