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HexClad Cookware

Industry: Cookware, eCommerce, Direct-to-Consumer (DTC)


  • Amazon account Management: FBA & FBM
  • Amazon PPC advertising: SD, SP, SB STV, DSP
  • Influencer marketing:  Creator Connections, Amazon Attribution
  • Content marketing: Website / PDP Images and Content / Amazon Posts / Amazon Stores
  • Global amazon expansion: UK/EU/JP/AU
  • Walmart account management
  • Target+ account management


The Challenge: To launch a premium cookware brand on Amazon. Develop a comprehensive approach that includes strategic brand differentiation to stand out amongst millions of competitors and generate 7 figures in its first year. With this exponential growth and profitability, we were able to generate 8 figures the second year alone on Amazon. As we enter year three, we are forecasted to reach over 9 figures.

Campaign Goals:

  • Increase visibility and drive traffic to the brand on the Amazon Marketplace
  • Increase Organic Traffic through all channels 2 to 1
  • Enhance Brand Presence through content, optimizations, beta programs, and Amazon, Walmart and Target advertising
  • Provide best-in-class Customer Service on Amazon
  • Increase ROAS while decreasing ACOS on Amazon and Walmart
  • Safeguard the brand from unauthorized sellers on Amazon and Walmart
  • FBA and FBM inventory management on Amazon and Walmart

Campaign Results:

  • Created a loyal repeat customer base while expanding HexClad’s product line
  • Maintained a 15% ACOS since launch with a 7-figure ad spend
  • Increased Organic Traffic 2 to 1
  • Built over 100 Virtual Bundles that lead to great success
  • Amazon collaborations with influencers, Gordon Ramsay and Amazon opportunities like NFL ads and influencer events and collaborations
  • Implemented highly effective Streaming TV ad campaigns
  • All product listings have 4 stars or above