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The Top Amazon DSP & Amazon Live Agencies

In 2021, Amazon’s Marketplace saw upwards of 3,718 new sellers every day. This rapid growth makes for an increasingly competitive marketplace where 1P and 3P sellers must stay proactive in their marketing strategies to capture and retain customers. As the platform rapidly grows, Amazon routinely introduces a multitude of complex, but beneficial marketing tools. Two tools — Amazon DSP and Amazon Live — give sellers exciting new ways to streamline eCommerce marketing efforts both on and off Amazon.

However, monitoring and managing such involved campaigns can seem daunting to any new brand on Amazon’s marketplace. To effectively use these sophisticated tools, many brands outsource Amazon DSP and Live services. With so many agencies offering their expertise in Amazon DSP marketing, it can be difficult to choose an option best suited for your needs. Premiere is here to break down how a top Amazon DSP and Amazon Live agency can catapult your Amazon brand.

What is Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform) is a dynamic, programmatic advertising tool that uses AI and automation to discover niche audiences and serve audiences relevant ads at the right time. Amazon’s DSP allows higher capabilities, including audience insights, customizations, and advanced automation. Moreover, the opportunity to buy audio ads, display ads and video ads on both Amazon and off-site also makes this tool a worthwhile investment.

Amazon provides both self-service (free) and managed service (upwards of $50,000) packages. Luckily, brands can save precious dollars by collaborating with a third-party Amazon Advertising Agency.

What is Amazon Live?

Amazon Live is a new way to shop on Amazon, allowing brands to further present their products in a fun and interactive way. Like the popular retail shopping television network QVC, brands can show and tell their products, give promo codes, showcase a carousel of products throughout the session and participate in live chat feeds. Brands can have Amazon create the content or opt to live stream (for free) on the Creator app. This innovative way to browse and shop can assist brands in engaging users, converting them into customers, and cultivating long-lasting customer relationships.

While Amazon Live is an effective tool, brands must understand how to properly utilize the platform and maximize its converting power. Amazon Live agencies eliminate stress and headaches as they guide you through the process, offering everything from a consultation of best practices to a complete takeover of your Amazon Live channel.

How to Choose an Amazon DSP & Amazon Live Marketing Agency

Each DSP company has a unique specialization, making it essential for brands to choose their partners wisely. To discover the best possible, you must clearly define your business and marketing goals on Amazon. Are you looking to capture new audiences in a new Marketplace? Do you wish to surpass your competitors and dominate a niche industry? Or perhaps you want to drive as much sales volume as possible? Once you have a list of your needs and goals, you can identify which agencies provide services that will help your brand soar. Remember to request case studies and the industries that the prospective DSP agency serves.

Why Amazon Brands Choose Premiere Creative for Amazon DSP

Premiere Creative’s Amazon services will send impactful shockwaves that extend beyond your Amazon storefront. Premiere’s experienced Amazon consultants are well-versed in best practices, winning strategies, technical optimizations, ongoing trends, and industry research. We push our brands ahead of the competition by taking advantage of every tool in Amazon’s arsenal. Our brands are at the forefront of every new Amazon tool. With custom brand management solutions, we work with you to maximize your brand’s reach and promote a consistent increase in sales.

Ready to scale your business on and off Amazon? Premiere Creative offers Amazon consulting and brand management services for existing Amazon sellers and eCommerce brands interested in the platform. f you need help optimizing your PDPs, redesigning an Amazon storefront, deploying a cost-effective advertising strategy, or setting up a seller account, contact Premiere Creative at (973) 346-8100 today!