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Author: Allie Veinote

google featured snippets

Maximize People Also Ask & How-To Keywords on SERPs

Google overwhelmingly dominates the search engine market, maintaining over 92% of the market share as of June 2021. Let’s put that into perspective — an estimated 227 million Google searches
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The Top Amazon DSP & Amazon Live Agencies

In 2021, Amazon’s Marketplace saw upwards of 3,718 new sellers every day. This rapid growth makes for an increasingly competitive marketplace where 1P and 3P sellers must stay proactive in
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Amazon Product Listing Images

Essential Images You Need on Your Amazon Product Listing

Quality imagery is the key to success on Amazon because harnessing a diverse assortment of photos will help grab customers’ attention and increase the probability of add-to-cart conversions. The images
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Amazon Product Images

The Best Practices for Amazon Product Images

In 2021, Amazon reported over 1.9 million sellers on its eCommerce platform, which industry experts expect should continue to increase exponentially. For brands looking to jump on the Amazon bandwagon,
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How to Avoid Common Google Ad Mistakes

Optimizing a Google Ad for peak performance can feel like shooting at a moving target – just when you lock in the perfect strategy, Google will overhaul the criteria for
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