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New Year's Resolutions 2021

Meet 2021 Marketing Goals with These New Year’s Resolutions

It’s almost that special time of the year again! There’s no denying that 2020 was a rough year with the coronavirus pandemic devastating. But the best thing we can all
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Premiere Creative’s Top 10 Digital Marketing Posts of 2020

With the perpetual changes occurring in the digital marketing and advertising industry, it can feel challenging to keep up or prepare for new surprises lurking around the corner. Staying informed
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Market Research Benefits

How Market Research Benefits Your Business

Making a significant life decision without conducting the appropriate research is a recipe for disaster. You wouldn’t buy a new car without researching all available makes and models, and you
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Premiere Creative’s Top 10 Marketing Blogs of 2018

As the top digital marketing agency in NJ, Premiere Creative has been a go-to source of information for B2C and B2B companies and markets for 3 decades. Our blog strives
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Domain Registration Myths

Choosing the correct (or memorable) domain name is critical for a brand’s identity to stand out. Sometimes, the best or ideal domain is unavailable. There are a few elements to
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Using HTTPS Websites to Improve Your SEO

If we had to make a guess, switching your web domain from HTTP to HTTPS sits pretty low on your list of priorities, right? In fact, the thought probably hasn’t
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Marketing to Millennials

An emerging trend in Digital Marketing involves appealing to a younger demographic. Marketing to millennials is not only a trend, but also a necessity for your business to thrive. Due
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reputation management

Reputation Management for Online Business

Online privacy and discretion seem to be a major focus for people these days, as the pendulum starts to swing regarding personal information available online.  It was reported by Search
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The importance of Videos for Small, Local Businesses

Because of the increasing influence that video has in search results and because more and more Internet searchers are watching videos returned in results, video can be a great driver
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Project Glass: Much More than a Revolutionary Google Gadget

When it comes to social media, contests are a favorite among page managers. Contests generate content, create interest, and provide an incentive for users to keep following your page. Google
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