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Link Building Takes Time

Link building is a process that takes time and patience, well quality link building that is. Quality link building is done manually and there aren’t any shortcuts. SEO companies with knowledge of the different search engine strategies know that submitting your website to a number of internet directories isn’t going to cut it.

Like building takes time, which means it’s a long-term project. Most SEO companies require their clients to sign 12-month campaigns because SEO takes time, and the link building process does as well. Quality links are important. Submitting your website URL to a handful of directories isn’t going to build your backlinks. Most likely those directories are junk and you won’t gain anything from them.

Instead of using those meaningless directories, seek out relevant websites that you can work with. Depending on your client’s industry or focus, you can reach out to certain websites and businesses and discuss opportunities with one another. Yes, this is going to take time, but the value you can potentially get out of relevant relationships is work that extra quality link. Building relationships with these websites will benefit you in the long run.

Link building is an important piece of the SEO puzzle and requires patience. Don’t waste time submitting a simple URL to directories. (Usually, if all you’re required to submit is a URL, chances are that site isn’t going to help you). Building quality links in addition to other off-page SEO tactics will help search engines see the efforts and boost your search engine ranking for relevant keywords.

Search engines take time to index pages and crawl for backlinks, so it may take some time before the work kicks in and Google (and other search engines) starts taking into consideration the backlinks. Keep in mind that quality goes a long way, and for link building, it’s all done manually.