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Social Media Marketing Results

Search engines are constantly changing and updating. Just research Google Panda and you’ll find out all about Google’s updates to its algorithm. Unfortunately, there’s no controlling Google, but there are ways to help your website prepare for these types of changes. For SEO, content is king. Search engines like content, especially keyword-rich content. Your webpages throughout your website should incorporate relevant keywords into the copy; this will help your ranking in search engines.

Now, with social media’s popularity, search engines have started using social signals, such as Facebook Likes, Tweets and +1s in their search results. Social media has changed the game since they produce such a large amount of information. Content is pouring out of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, among others.

Search engines look at social media sites for guidance and use them as part of their algorithms for search results. If your content is shared by a significant number of people, chances are that there must be something interesting about it. That said, Google will consider it when ranking its results for relevant searches.
Google and Bing now consider shared content when responding to searches. Tweets, Facebook Likes and other social media shared content appears in organic search when relevant. This all circles back to SEO experts and their concern over quality, keyword rich content.

If you develop unique quality content (whether for a website, blog or other place on the internet), that’s a great starting point. Participating in social media is the next step. Sharing your content across a number of different channels will help others find it and share it as well. The piece to this puzzle though, is building yourself a strong, social media presence. Without friends, fans and followers, there’s no one to “share” with.

Social Media can fall in many categories and should be everyone’s concern (SEO experts, marketing professionals, public relations executives and others). Because it holds such a large presence in the internet world, it’s important to get involved,