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Internet Marketing Big Picture

Internet marketing incorporates more than just SEO into the mix. A successful online marketing campaign should include content marketing, SEO and social media. These three pieces of the puzzle will help build a strong internet presence. Yes, you can slowly focus on one area, but these three work best when they’re used together.

Unfortunately (for SEO agencies), Google and other search engines have been getting smarter as the days go on. They know which websites are using SEO and which aren’t. With that said, Google’s algorithm for ranking evaluates more than just whether or not a website is using SEO. Ranking well in search engines may be a great start, but it’s not the only thing that’s going to help your business grow. Ranking well may translate to the user that your website is trusted by the search engines, but many times that’s not enough to convince them you’re what they are looking for.

Most SEO agencies will tell you content is king, and it’s true. The more content you have on your website, the more blog posts you have, the more information you can share with users and the more you have to work with in terms of your internet marketing. Content is important across the board: for SEO, for content marketing and for social media. Your website should be filled with relevant, informative content so people don’t have to question whether or not you’re the answer. An even better way to share content is to keep a blog. Writing about trending topics, common FAQs and simple things will help your marketing strategy as well.

Content can be shared across the internet, on social bookmarking sites, on social networking sites and throughout blog communities. Once you have a steady feed of information coming in through your blog, you will begin to develop followers. Your followers can easily translate into customers.

The other piece of the puzzle we mentioned above is social media. Social media marketing involves websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ where you build your fan base based on your brand awareness and eventually your participation in the networks. Being social, sharing your content and using SEO all work together and the best way to build your internet marketing campaign is to use them all in conjunction.