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How to Improve PageRank

Page Rank is an important factor used in many SEO campaigns. By now, you’ve learned that Page Rank is a numerical value that Google uses to determine how important a page is on the web.

How do you increase your Page Rank?

Most web marketing companies include these online services in their campaigns, but be sure to make the most of search engine optimization and Page Rank by following these simple rules.

Most importantly, fill your website with original quality content and write keyword-rich pages that others will want to link to. Many web marketing tools utilized to their fullest and valuable content can help with SEO. Plus, others are more likely to link to your site if they read informative or interesting information. Links from outside sources or “backlinks” on your webpages help increase the credibility of your site. Google also has a hard time classifying pages with little copy. Keyword-rich pages help with SEO and make it easier to identify in search engines.

Be sure to remove or fix duplicate content on your website. Any web marketing company will tell you, you’re just making it harder on yourself. There should only be one version of each page on your website. Google doesn’t want to read through duplicate content and SEO services only become more challenging. By having duplicate content, Google and other search engines may penalize you, thinking you are trying to outsmart their system.