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How to Choose a Keyword for a Dermatologist Website

Dermatology is an industry that offers a number of services, such as Botox, chemical peels, acne treatment, skin resurfacing and many others. All of these dermatology procedures are especially popular in New Jersey. When working on designing a website and implementing SEO into the content throughout the site, it’s important to do extensive keyword research. So, how do you choose keywords for a dermatologist?

Beyond the obvious, keywords referred to as local SEO keywords; include a geographical keyword/tag in the phrase. For example: “chemical peels northern NJ” would be a common phrase searched for in search engines. What’s important for businesses like dermatology is to dig deeper and use specifics. Local SEO is very important for any local business and geography is a large portion of what’s use by search engines to yield results. Combine general keywords, such as acne treatment, eczema, and others with a city, county, region, state or town.

When writing content for a website, you don’t want to go too big that search engines can’t distinguish which services you offer and which areas you service. Local SEO involves a lot of time and effort. As a dermatologist, it’s important to identify what areas are strongest for your business and what services you want to target. Focus on the top ten or top five and then go from there. Once you’ve decided on those, you can rank them on importance and begin the process.

SEO is competitive anywhere, but SEO in New Jersey can be tricky. Depending on the area, you may be up again NYC businesses as well. New Jersey is also divided into north and south (sometimes central, depending on who you’re talking to). Dig deep, divide your business into importance, define the target geographical areas you want to target and build your SEO campaign starting with that.