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Web Design and Browser Compatibility

Designing a website can be challenging and difficult for web designers since not all web browsers support every type of code. Most web designers started building websites back when Microsoft Internet Explorer completely dominated the web browser world. Ever since Mozilla Firefox began to appear, web designers had trouble designing their code to meet all standards. This resulted in websites looking differently in different web browsers.

Since Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome have all added to the competition, standards have been set for web designers to create code compatible for multiple (if not all) web browsers and the make sure their websites work. There are a few different kind of codes, which make designing a website even more difficult.

A website created or designed with HTML of XHTML will most likely work properly in most browsers. Many browsers support XHTML and should display is correctly, but web designers should always check just to make sure.

CSS support can be challenging also since not all browsers support all CSS2 standards. Most newer versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera should view CSS correctly. Although not all features are implemented in each browser, most are working towards it.

JavaScript is also common for web designers for create websites with. All browsers should support JavaScript, but implementing features may vary. One big difference between browsers is load time. Not every internet browser is set to load JavaScript or HTML at the same rate. JavaScript may take additional time to load in certain browsers.

Plugins and often a part of websites and are allowed by standards, but sometimes cause the content on a webpage to be inaccessible. Flash-based websites take a longer time to load and sometimes don’t fit many users’ screens. Although Flash may be the only solution to include multimedia on your website, designing a full website with Flash may cause a problem in the long-run. HTML5 will allow web designers to include video and other multimedia features right into the code and will hopefully resolve this problem.

Since not all web browsers are the same, web designers face challenges of designing and implementing websites compatible for all browsers. Common design features will appear throughout browsers, but when using certain things (like Flash or JavaScript), you may run into problems!