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6 Ways To Get Your Content Inside Google’s Answer Boxes

Google Answer Boxes

Are you a business owner looking to increase traffic to your website? If so, you may want to consider targeting Google’s answer boxes. There’s no denying the correlation between great search rank and higher click-through-rates (CTR). Logical, that makes perfect sense because most web surfers only click the first few links on Google.

Google’s answer boxes may be your secret weapon to pulverizing your competition; so having your content appear in the answer box remains paramount to reaching a larger audience.

What are Google Answer Boxes?

Google’s answer box takes snippets of information from a web page and publishes it in a literal box at the top of Google’s SERPs. Answer boxes allow users to pick and choose information, rather than comb through websites listed on Google. Ever notice how impatient people can be these days? They want what they want when they want it. In essence, Google bestows instant gratification to web surfers by reducing the need to scour many websites for answers. Sounds great, right?

But how can a company gain access to these sought-after boxes when they struggle to gain rank on Google? You’re in luck! The information in these boxes doesn’t always come from the first spot on Google! With some strategic planning and innovative thinking, you can position your content in these boxes. Use these helpful tips to increase your odds of gaining control of Google’s answer box.

1. Focus on Queries With Answer Boxes

The first step to appearing in a Google answer box involves identifying search queries triggering a featured snippet. Be sure to pay close attention to the keywords appearing in these boxes; Google obviously finds these keywords important. As such, you should focus on creating content related to these keywords. But before you get begin writing, you’ll need to do your homework and conduct keyword research. This crucial step will allow you to identify which keywords and associated phrases get enough search volume to be worth the extra effort.

2. Keep Answers Short, Sweet, And To The Point

Many foolishly believe that complex content filled with words from a thesaurus will make their business seem smarter and more reliable. Alas, this isn’t the always the case. Remember, Google’s answer boxes provide quick answers to viewers. Direct communication will ultimately reward your website with access to answer boxes. If you want Google to showcase your content, your answers cannot beat around the bush. Avoid spiraling into tangents or addressing ancillary information; just get to the point! A general rule to follow is to keep the answer under 100 words.

3. Factual Accuracy Matters

Have you ever read an online article only to realize the author fed you outright lies? Sadly, we now live in the world of “Fake News,” where any website can publish incorrect information. Nobody has time to search through websites only to find an incorrect answer. To avoid this, make sure your information is accurate, up-to-date, and useful. Having the most accurate and best information will boost your page to the top of the list, and beat out your competition. Sometimes this involves your team reviewing each web page and revising web copy to reflect new information.

4. Include Numbered Lists

Trends show that the majority of Google’s search queries begin with “how to.” To get your site featured in the answer box, include steps to these “how” questions in the form of a numbered list. This makes it easy for the user to read and follow along. This will also allow for a quick glimpse into your site, enticing the viewer to click to learn more.

5. Add Striking Visuals

Not to sound cliché, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Studies show that readers process information better when presented with pictures. Beautiful, eye-catching graphics allure readers to click through to your website. Including an Infographic, table, or graph provides better information to a reader. Visuals also help improve your content’s readability by breaking up large blocks of content for easier skimming.

6. Content Is Still King

At its most fundamental level, content drives action. People search for content and visit websites with the best content. Google always strives to provide its users with the highest quality content in the answer box. Thus, the search engine rewards the website with top-notch content. To make sure this happens, have your site offer the best information. You need to explain the answer enough to please the reader, as well as entice them to click through to your website for more in-depth information.

Thinking INSIDE Google’s Answer Box

If you aren’t targeting Google’s answer boxes, then you’re missing out on a goldmine of opportunity. Don’t believe the endgame is worth the effort? Consider, for a moment, the fact that Advanced Web Ranking reported websites featured in these boxes achieving a CTR as high as 30%. Do you STILL think Google’s answer boxes are a waste of time?

Ultimately, it’s every business’ goal to appear at the top of Google. Some, unfortunately, won’t make the cut. But that does not mean that your work was in vain. Answer boxes frequently change, so you may still have a chance to win that box! Continue optimizing your content, and you may one day see your content featured in Google’s answer box.

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