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Is PageRank Important to Your Website?

PageRank is an algorithm used by Google that calculates a web metric, which shows how reputable and important a particular page is on the internet. So exactly how important is PageRank to your website? Google considers PageRank as one of the most important factors while ranking a site in search results. Just as many other Internet Marketing strategies, PageRank can be vital for any website that depends on traffic from search engines. You will be ranked higher than other sites if you have good PageRank. As mentioned in the previous post, PageRank is measured on a scale of zero to ten.

With all the web marketing strategies and SEO services, many sites are competing for the same keywords. When all factors are equivalent in a web search, then it will be the PageRank of the site that will decide its search ranking. Webpages with a higher PageRank will be ranked above pages with a lower PageRank.

In order to get a high PageRank, you need to have other websites link to your pages. It is important to develop quality website content that others can link to (people like to link to sites they find interesting or informative).

There are an endless number of online marketing strategies you can implement, but PageRank is sure to be one you don’t want to leave out. Search engines are crucial to any website and PageRank helps your site rank higher in web searches.