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Local Marketing for Cosmetic Spas

We’ve already talked about the importance of having a website for your cosmetic, medical health spa business, but in order for your website to be effective towards your local market, you should consider local SEO. Building a local SEO campaign around your business will help you reach your customers and potential customer through web searches.

One of the first steps in any SEO campaign is to research target keywords. For any type of spa, depending on the services you offer, you can build your campaign around the most popular and most searched for topics. Let’s use Botox for example. If your spa offers Botox, most likely you have some information about the services on your website. For local customers to find your business and website, you should incorporate geography into your web copy.

Search engines crawl through millions of websites daily and try to find the most relevant content for the search. Local SEO helps you target the area in which you service and builds your ranking based on searches. If your cosmetic spa in NJ has built an SEO campaign using local SEO, you can target your local customers. When a search is conducted for “Botox northern NJ,” your spa should appear in search results. Based on the specifics and the towns you want to cover, the same keywords can be incorporated. Use specific towns around the specific services you want to focus on.

Using social networking and local SEO together can also optimize your website. Many customers are on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter looking for information and opinions. Having your spa participating in discussions will also bring attention to your business. By using these platforms as a web marketing effort, you can build your online presence and overall business presence while promoting your spa to your local customers (and beyond!)