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HTML5 Website Design

Any web designer or web developer should have heard about the latest HTML updates, HTML5. HTML5 is the latest form of HTML and will be used across Internet browsers to turn WebPages into readable WebPages for the end user. HTML is constantly being updated to format the latest technology, but HTML5 will be the latest form to created HTML code in. Although it won’t be finalized for years, web designers have already started creating new code from it.

Although HTML5 isn’t finalized and will continue to change before it’s official, many web designers are wondering is they really need to care (or even learn) about HTML5. The answer is yes. HTML5 promises a better web experience across all devices: Smartphones (Android, iPhone), computers and the latest tablets and netbooks. Smartphones have been growing in the number of users accessing the internet and it’s important that devices are able to display WebPages of choice.

Many earlier versions of HTML have limitations for multimedia content. HTML5 will provide an alternative to plugins (such as Flash) in order to add music, video and other multimedia content to websites. Since top web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera will support (some already do) the latest features of HTML5, it’s inevitable it will takeover HTML4.

HMTML5 will help web designers build websites and web templates more easily, while placing web items simply in your “canvas-like” code. The ability to drop in video and music features will give web designers a new look on the simplicities of multimedia content. Multimedia has been dominating the internet and is important to have on your website, where necessary.

Since HTML5 will take time, there’s no rush in learning it, but reading and practicing the new codes will be helpful. Some web browsers have already allowed web designers to incorporate the new code in their web design. HTML5 even allows you to create a website without internet connection. The ability to work without being online is convenient for everyone!