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How to Best Post Content to Grow Your LinkedIn

How To Best Post Content to Grow Your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social platform that has existed 10 years, with over 3 million companies having an account. You most likely also have a company account, but how does a company use it to better connect and ultimately generate more business? The best way to grow your company’s LinkedIn account is by posting valuable, thought-provoking content. From a business standpoint, once your company page is completed, the only measurement potential connections have to gage your company is by your content.

What Content to Post?

In recent months, LinkedIn released a list of top companies that attracted the most followers and potential hires. Among the top talent brands to grace the list were Microsoft, IBM and Google. The criteria for this top list measured company engagement with its audience, content such as company page updates, employee shares, sponsored content, among many more. By following these leading examples, you also can tap the power of LinkedIn.

Before you consider growing your following, you should try populating your company page with quality content to encourage engagement, as well as give connections a chance to see the services you provide. Consider posting on a publishing platform, LinkedIn Pulse, to increase your reach and chance of obtaining followers; after all, everyone, not just your connections, sees these posts.

Posting quality content gives your potential followers a reason to follow you and use your services because they may come find you as a source of knowledge in your industry. Need suggestions on what to post? Try revamping past blogs, updating content from company newsletters, press releases, top company blogs, and contributing interesting statistics.

Who to Reach?

When publishing content, create a call to action for each post, which will promote engagement within your LinkedIn community. For anything and everything you post, whether it is a blog or job posting, evaluate how it relates to your strategy and how it will benefit the reader. When developing your content calendar, remember the following statistics according to

  • 60% of members are interested in industry insights
  • 53% are interested in company news
  • 43% are interested in new products and services
  • Linking your content dramatically increases your engagement by 45%

Remember to utilize catchy and informative wording to maximize your growth potential. Another way to increase your following, is to share relevant information regarding insider industry knowledge, updates regarding your company such as job posting, new products, skill sets, community outreach. By doing so, followers will begin to notice and evaluate your activity level and social presence on LinkedIn.

When to Post?

To maximize your reach, consider the day and times your followers are most likely to be on LinkedIn. If you guess during the workweek, you guessed right! Take advantage of posting daily updates of insightful information and overtime the community will begin to refer to your page as a news source. Ask yourself, “Do you know what’s trending in your industry?” Post about a topic even if it’s asking for feedback to spark conversation. Did you know companies that post 20 times a month, on average reach 60% of their followers with 1 or more updates? You can typically reach 20% of followers with one status update.

Where to Post?

Now that you have developed a content strategy, in order to effectively use it, you must first look and see where your customers are hiding, before you can connect with them. Utilize sponsored posts and ad campaign features to choose specific followers and targeted audiences. A target audience allows you to zero in on factors like industry, company size and geography. Consider sharing your expert industry blogs on LinkedIn Pulse to really connect with other professionals and top industry leaders. The analytics section of your company page is a useful tool to monitor your content engagement and adjust accordingly.

Final Thoughts About Promoting Content on LinkedIn

Whether using LinkedIn to gain professional knowledge from experts in your industry or to facilitate vital connections, it is easy to feel like your company is invisible on a social platform so vast. By focusing on creating quality content, developing placement strategy, using a content calendar, and monitoring your engagement, you will notice your following gradually increase, create a presence, and climb the ranks to number one! For more on posting content on LinkedIn, contact the experts at Premiere Creative. Call (973) 346-8100!