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The Do’s and Don’ts of QR Codes

By now, many people are familiar with QR codes, even if you’re thinking right now what the heck is that? If you’ve read a magazine, been shopping, or even eaten cereal in the recent past, you’ve seen the little black and white squiggly square. In short, a QR code is a marketing tool aimed for Smartphone users who can scan the code which will take them to the link you want them to see. If used correctly, a QR code can be beneficial for business, especially if you are already invested in mobile optimization and user-friendly web design. To use a QR code for your business to its utmost potential here is a list of DO’s and DON’Ts to guide your marketing strategy.

DO use a QR code for brand awareness

If you have a new product or want to promote a certain campaign, a QR code would be an ideal way to connect your audience to a direct link that clearly displays what you want to promote.

DON’T send your users to a page that is not user-friendly

QR codes are all about efficiency; connecting your code to a link that is either not optimized for mobile web or is slow to download goes against the whole purpose of investing in a QR code in the first place. Also viewers will be less likely to actually wait and see what the page has to offer if it’s unwieldy.

DO place your QR code in convenient and easily accessible locations

Advertise your brand by having QR codes in places where people can scan them easily, like coffee containers, newspapers, and food packages.

DON’T place your QR code in a totally inaccessible location

How will someone check out your page if they cannot scan the code you placed on a highway billboard?

DO offer freebies or promotions with the scan of your QR code

Viewers are more likely scan your code and eventually check out what your company is all about by first offering some sort of incentive like a coupon or potential prize.

DON’T put your QR code on a website or email

The purpose of a QR code is to connect mobile device users to something they would not have seen just casually browsing their mobile phones. You are bringing the Internet to people that are outside of their homes, running errands or out with friends; Internet marketing targeted for non-mobile users can be seen in the form of SEO, PPC, and search retargeting.

Final Thoughts on QR Codes

And just to end on a positive note… DO combine your QR code with interesting advertising. QR codes can be mysterious; viewers may have no idea what the advertisement is about or where the code will lead them, but will scan the code out of curiosity from a bizarre ad. So have fun with it!