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Does Social Media Affect SEO?

With the growth of social media and the number of social media platforms, it’s hard to think that social media doesn’t have an affect on SEO. Now, with Google’s own Google+, social media is having more and more of an affect on users search results.

Google is all about being relevant. The search engines like to stay current and tend to show trending articles and posts. Websites like Twitter and Facebook are constant streams of news and what people are talking about. Google collects all of that social data and brings this relevant, trending content to its search engine, while trying to stay on top of the most applicable information. If you’re searching for something that’s trending on a popular social media network, chances are that is going to appear in your search results.

The flip side to social networks affects SEO is that Google, now more than ever, is focused on quality, unique content. SEO is about credibility and reliable content. Without good content, it’s very hard to climb to the top of search results. So, share your quality content on social networks, encourage others to comment on and share your content. This way, there’s chance that others will pick up on it, and you never know it could go viral!

Always be a good friend and share content you find valuable and be sure to comment or acknowledge the write or person you found it from. Anyone who spends time on social media knows there is an overwhelming amount of information, links and content. It’s no different than competing for page one on Google that it is on social media, where these networks are trying to pull the most credible information. Be sure your profile is filled in, stay active and engage with others!