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3 Easy Tricks For Using Pinterest

Signing up for a new social networking site can be a very daunting task. First you have to decide if you want and are able to dedicate part of your life to this new site even though so much of your time is already spent on other sites like Facebook and Twitter. Then there’s the struggle of creating a username and password that are both unique to you but that have never been used before. And then, once all of that nonsense is taken care of, you now have to fill in the blanks and create an awesome profile. Who wants to put all that work in, especially on a new site like Pinterest? Well, I have three easy tricks for making your life on Pinterest just a tiny bit easier.

Number one: Unless you are the developer of the site, there is no way you can become an expert after just one attempt at using a site. So, it is important to just play around for a bit. With a site like Pinterest, there are so many options and boards that it can become extremely overwhelming. However, if you sift through people’s boards through the search bar topic you entered, you can see what everyone else is doing. Since most pins are uploaded the same way, and the descriptions only vary because the photo or recipe is different, just use the site as a whole as a guide. This will help ease stress and get you, the user, accustomed to how things are done. Just think of it as a buddy on your first day at a new school and everything will eventually be okay!

The hash tag trick is another great little trick for using Pinterest. Many people recognize the hash tag from Twitter and even get mad when they see one on Facebook! Well, fear not, because the hash tag works well for Pinterest and it is here to stay. Hash tags are great tools for getting individual pins seen by a larger amount of people. If you hash tag all aspects of a picture or recipe, then it is more likely to come up under a broader variety of searches. This is something that not many people think of while using Pinterest and is a great little trick for getting your stuff to a larger audience.

And finally, my last little trick for using Pinterest is keeping your boards very organized. With millions of pictures out there on the World Wide Web, finding one that is relatable and interesting can be very hard to find. So, for your benefit and the ease of other pinners, keep all related pins to one board and then go crazy with individual hash tags! This will allow the individual picture to stand out but keep the group nice and happy. I know it seems simple, but trust me, it helps! For more questions on Pinterest, talk to one of our experts at Premiere Creative and give us a call at (973) 346-8100.