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3 Common SEO Myths You Need to Forget

SEO Myths

SEO has changed quite a bit over the years, mostly to prevent the use of common Black Hat techniques. Some SEO specialists have become lost within these constant changes; as a result, many myths and misconceptions about SEO have risen. If you want to develop an affective SEO strategy, you must be able to tell the difference between myth and truth.

Here are 3 common SEO myths that you should avoid when developing your strategy.

SEO Myth 1: “SEO is dead.”

Despite what you may have heard, SEO is not dead, so you can cancel the funeral arrangements. If SEO were dead, many digital marketing agencies would go out of business. Instead, SEO has just changed and evolved. In the past, many SEO specialists used keyword stuffing, buying links and other shifty methods to try to rank high on Google.

Today, SEO is no longer dependent on factors like keywords or links. It requires more intensive work such as research, analysis, testing and creating a personalized strategy for each website. SEO is now an approach that consists of optimizing and bolstering new and old content to meet customers’ needs.

SEO Myth 2: “SEO is a one-time deal.”

Business owners may feel they no longer need to utilize SEO once they launch their website after an initial set of optimization. Unfortunately, there is “no set it and forget it” when it comes to SEO because it is continuously evolving.

Think about this: When you read a book, how many times do you return to a page and read it over again? Sure you might go back once or twice to refresh your memory, but you probably move on once you digest the information. Once Google sends its Google bots to search your site and indexes one of your pages, they will not return. You must give them a reason to do so! If the Google bots never return, your competition has the chance to outrank you!

Always remember that search engines and visitors love fresh content! Google wants to see new blogs and web pages because new content shows Google your efforts to provide your visitors with useful content, as well as act as a reliable source of information. Websites that have outdated product descriptions, old contact information, or incorrect hours of business will turn away customers, resulting in a penalty from Google.

Finally, SEO is an ongoing effort because the web does not remain static for long. New and improved search algorithms are continuously rolled out, links may become broken or lose value, and what was once new information may become outdated. You need to keep your SEO efforts current in order to avoid Google penalties, or you will suffer the consequences by losing significant web traffic.

SEO Myth 3: “SEO results will show up overnight.”

In a world full of instant gratification, everyone wants a quick fix. If you expect to see results overnight, you’re going to be disappointed. There are no shortcuts for SEO, and if an SEO agency promises you instant results, chances are that they are utilizing black hat techniques.

SEO is very similar to weight loss because both take time. Just as the extra pounds will not disappear in a week, SEO results do not happen in the first week, month, or year. You may see some results in the first few months, but they will not be noticeable. If you stick with a plan and keep putting forth the hard work and effort, you will see better results as time passes.


The Internet is filled with SEO techniques that are bizarre and simply untrue. As you practice white hat SEO techniques more often, and familiarize yourself with the best practices of SEO, you will eventually be able to distinguish fact from fiction. If you would like to discuss SEO with one of our experts, contact Premiere Creative or give us a call at (973) 346-8100.