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Month: February 2012

How to Read Google Analytics

Depending on who you are or what type of business you’re running will depend on which metrics concern you in Google Analytics. As an SEO agency, you’re responsible for monitoring
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Internet Marketing Big Picture

Internet marketing incorporates more than just SEO into the mix. A successful online marketing campaign should include content marketing, SEO and social media. These three pieces of the puzzle will
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Link Building Takes Time

Link building is a process that takes time and patience, well quality link building that is. Quality link building is done manually and there aren’t any shortcuts. SEO companies with
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Social Media Marketing Results

Search engines are constantly changing and updating. Just research Google Panda and you’ll find out all about Google’s updates to its algorithm. Unfortunately, there’s no controlling Google, but there are
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Interpreting Google’s Updated Privacy Policy

As of March 1, 2012, Google will be replacing its 60+ privacy policies with one. In an effort to try and simplify terms for users to better understand, all the
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