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Dovetale – Premiere’s Secret Weapon for Crushing Influencer Campaigns

At Premiere Creative in Millburn NJ, we have been dipping our toes into the world of influencer marketing more and more every year. We’re not alone in exploring this new channel in the digital marketing mix. Global ad spend on influencer marketing is expected to reach $10 billion by 2022. To things into perspective, that’s up from $2 billion in 2017. Translation: influencer marketing is not a fad. It has demonstrated a unique ability to resonate with users in a way that no traditional medium for paid promotions can. More importantly, it’s your golden ticket to build and strengthen your brand.

At Premiere Creative, we use influencer marketing to drive results for a broad swath of clients. From fashion retailers to health and wellness brands, pharmaceutical clients, and everything in between, carefully selecting influential individuals from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social platforms to create bespoke targeted campaigns can drive sales, sign ups, and much more. Influencer marketing has also proven itself to be a useful tool for brand awareness campaigns. In January of 2018, Amazon formed an influencer marketing relationship with Khloe Kardashian around her pregnancy. The goal of the campaign was for build awareness around Amazon’s new baby registry as well as their maternity line. The content of the entire campaigns was comprised of two sponsored posts. Those two posts garnered 5.5 million likes and netted Khloe several million dollars.

Facts like those stated above give some companies pause about exploring influencer marketing. After all, if you’re a small clothing company with 3 employees and a tiny store front trying to sell t-shirts and hats, you’re probably not going to snag an influencer deal with Timothee Chalamet. Does that disqualify you from experimenting with influencer marketing? Well, if it did, then influencer marketing would not be an increasingly large part of Premiere Creative’s business.

Using Dovetale To Find The Right Influencers For Your Business

Helping small companies locate and reach out to influencers on all social platforms is certainly challenging. After all, when you think of influencers, your mind automatically flashes to Kardashians and Billie Eilish. But those big names are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to influential individuals on social media. There are many tiers of influencers that can be broken up into categories based on size of following. Macro-influencers like Kim Kardashian – who has 157 million followers on Instagram – are prohibitively expensive and have scattered diverse audiences. That’s great for companies with deep pockets and broad goals – like Pepsi who has 98% global brand recognition and may want to build awareness around a new diet soft drink. But for smaller businesses with very specific offerings – like, for example the Acorns investing app – macro-influencers are too pricy and have audiences that aren’t compatible with their goals.

So where does that leave the small business owner trying to get into influencer marketing? The good news is that there are literally hundreds of thousands of people who make their living selling their audiences to advertisers. From micro-influencers with under 10,000 followers to mid-tier influencers with under 500,000 followers, there’s seemingly no end to the number of accounts on Instagram with leverageable audiences. The trick is to find influencers with audiences that overlap perfect with your target consumer. This is where influencer search platforms can work wonders.

Many companies have attempted to build software that scrapes the API’s of Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to produce lists of influencers based on specified criteria. And most of them have failed to build viable products. However, for our money, Dovetale’s search and outreach functionality produces incredible results that prove invaluable in the process of building out influencer campaigns. In this piece, we will discuss Dovetale’s founding, its influencer search abilities, analytics, brand building capabilities, and all other relevant functionality. We have come to rely heavily on Dovetale in all of our influencer campaigns. For us it’s a no-brainer: Dovetale is the best influencer search software for any small companies trying to hit small targets in big ways.

About Dovetale – The Market’s Best Influencer Search Program

Dovetale is quite a young company. In fact, we’re coming up on its third anniversary. Dovetale is young because influencer marketing is young. As we’ve already stated, global ad spend on influencer campaigns were at a relatively love $2 billion dollars in 2017 – the year of Dovetale’s founding. But Mike Schmidt – Dovetale’s founder and CEO – started the company based on a simple belief: that influencer marketing is NOT a fad. In fact – thought Mike and Dovetale’s tiny team – influencer marketing is a safe and reliable method for growing clout online. It is a powerful long-term strategy to be leveraged by every brand in the world.

Influencer marketing hadn’t quite caught on yet when Dovetale launched in 2017. There were software services that assisted marketers in the process of building and scaling influencer marketing campaigns. However, they were often clunky, incomprehensive, and too expensive for small businesses to use. The Dovetale team saw tremendous opportunity here. They saw the tremendous surge in individuals using social networks like Instagram to build audiences and garner brand deals for what it was: a democratizing moment in the world of media. Suddenly, there were countless nano-influencers who garnered small dedicated audiences around niche interests. Let’s use an example to illustrate this point. Dutch street performers who use pots and pans to perform raucous electronic music inspired percussion sets used to only entertain whoever walked by as they were playing. But with the rise of digital platforms like Instagram, these people suddenly had the ability to reach large audiences. As people gathered around the physical setting in which they were performing, so too would percussion enthusiasts, EDM fans, and performance art freaks follow them online to keep up with their latest sets. Suddenly, obscure and unknown street musicians found themselves with a few thousand dedicated followers. These hypothetical Dutch street performs built de-facto custom affinity audiences by posting content that certain people find valuable. If I run a small company that handmakes percussion instruments and drumsticks in Holland, would it not behoove me to provide these performers with free equipment in exchange for a shout out on the performer’s Instagram channel? Of course it would. The challenge for this hypothetical company, however, is to actually find these performers online so that they can leverage the audience and drive sales. That’s where Dovetale comes in.

From Social Analytics to Deep Influencer Searching – Dovetale Functionality Explained

It should be noted from the start that Dovetale, while deeply powerful and extremely useful, does not have a user-friendly interface. There are no descriptions that point you in any one direction. There is very little context provided around which section does what. If we were to change anything about this incredibly software, it would be the ease with which one moves from point a to point b within the software. That said, we’re being pretty nit-picky to point this out. Truth be told “Dovetail University” provides plenty of information around which features do what and where to find them. For anything that can’t be clarified in Dovetail University, Premiere Creative highly recommends a website called

Now on to actual Dovetail functionality. The first thing that Dovetale prompts user to do is dig into their own social analytics and do some homework. Dovetale allows you to connect Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Once connected, Dovetale enables you to truly dig deep into your socials and understand where your weak points are. How is your following? Has it been growing steadily? Has it been growing at an increasing rate? Or a decreasing rate? If you’ve been growing followers at an increasing rate but aren’t seeing a consequent uptick in engagement, perhaps targeting a nano-influencer with a small and highly engaged audience could help. All of this is to say that by digging deep into your social analytics with Dovetale’s phenomenal data software, you can identify your brand’s weaknesses on key social platforms and tailor your search for influencers accordingly. Below are a few of the metrics you can expect to see when you’re starting out with Dovetale analytics:

  • Follower Growth: This is presented as a graph that shows growth/ decline in raw followers over time. You can select the time period yourself. By hovering over the growth line, you can see how many followers you gained/ lost day-over-day and attribute each rise/ fall to certain events. If, for instance, you used software that cleans up bot followers on September 15th, 2019, it’s likely any dip in followers on that day is attributable to that event.
  • Engagement: If followers and follower growth measure the size of an influencer’s audience, engagement measures the extent to which the influencer and their audience communicate. To put it more simply, engagement measures the number of likes on comments on posts. Like follower growth, Dovetale allows users to hover over the engagement growth chart day-by-day and attribute spikes/falls in engagement to certain events.
  • Gender
  • Locations
  • Age

Understanding the demographic breakdown and behavior of your audience is extremely important before you begin searching for influencers. If you have a clear profile for your average follower, it will be much easier to identify influencers that will attract similar followers.

Now that we’ve discussed Dovetale’s data analytics software, we can move on to its more compelling and unique feature: the influencer discovery engine. When you click the discover link, you’re met with a seemingly barebones search engine. Dovetale provides a list of top influencers from its deep database of influencer data. You can change the results of the influencers being presented by searching on this page. You can search influences by keyword, hashtag, URL, username, and drill even further down by platform, follower range, and audience demographics. Sticking to the Dutch percussion example laid out above, Dovetale’s influencer search feature allows the percussion instrument company to search for influencers whose audience member meet very specific criteria. The marketing manager can search for influencers followed by men that live in Holland that are between 18-35 years old. The search can be further refined to reflect the interests of the desired influencer. You can search for influencers who use certain percussion themed hashtags. Additionally, you can break down the search to only include influencers with a certain engagement level. There are over 50 criteria that you can user to identify the ideal influencers for you marketing campaigns.

Dovetale + Premiere Creative = Northern New Jersey Influencer Marketing Excellence

Premiere Creative’s small but mighty team has leveraged best practices to drive results for clients for almost 30 years. We are at the cutting edge of modern digital marketing techniques, and in 2020, that means having a unique ability to drive leads and sales via influencer marketing. But we’d be remising to now call out Dovetale for their incredible product. Dovetale’s influencer search functionality makes finding the perfect influencers an absolute breeze. By leveraging their intelligence with our experience and creative marketing prowess, our leading team of NJ digital marketing experts can hack growth and consistently drive results.

The more consumer attention continues to fragment, the more companies need to stay on top of digital trends and take advantage of new opportunities. If you’re using social media to drive leads and sales online, we can focus your energy (and budget) in the right direction. Premiere Creative builds business with Dovetale via influencer marketing. Could we help you? To find out more, dial (973) 346-8100 to connect with one of our brand building specialists and launch your next influencer marketing campaign.


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