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Smart Phone Marketing

When people think about search engine optimization and search engine marketing, they usually think about how to optimize their website as it would appear on a person’s computer screen. However, the beauty/challenge of internet marketing is that the field is constantly changing and evolving to adapt to new technological advancements and/or consumer behaviors. For instance, it is impossible to ignore the rise of the smartphone. Just think about how many people you see on the bus or inside a store with their eyes glued to their iPhone, Android, or Blackberry.

The rise of the smartphone means that it is no longer enough for SEOs to optimize their websites as viewed by computers—they also need to optimize their mobile websites. Google recently published a study called “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users” that stated that 77% of smartphone users use their phones to visit search engine websites, with nine out of ten of these mobile searches resulting in an action (such as purchasing or contacting the business). Practically all smartphone users use their mobile devices to look up local information, with 88% of them taking action within a day (which suggests that these searches are indicative of immediate needs).

With mobile searches playing such an influential role in consumer behavior, it is wise/beneficial for a business to optimize its mobile site. However, shockingly, only 4.8% retailers have a mobile site. It is apparent that many businesses are completely missing out on this juicy market. Due to the high number of mobile searches that are conducted each day, anyone truly interested in SEO and content marketing should seriously consider learning more about mobile SEO.