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Picking an SEO-friendly Web Designer

SEO and web design aren’t always implemented together, but the most successful internet presence are results of SEO web design. SEO (search engine optimization) is the idea of enhancing a website (with keywords, content, important on-page tactics and more) to rank highly in search engines. Web design, overall, is creating an online presence with a website. But it doesn’t stop there.

When companies use separate web designers and SEO companies, it’s common to see redundancies and repetition in the work, which ultimately costs more to the company. A better approach to SEO and web design is to find a company that is experienced in both services. Both SEO and web design take time and effort. Web design should be created with SEO in mind and SEO should be implemented around the web design, they go hand in hand.

A web designer may be focused primarily on the website architecture, sitemap and photograph placement on your website, strictly layout and creative features. Without SEO in mind, eventually a company will have to backtrack and edit specific design features to incorporate SEO. Someone who builds a creative website with SEO features can help your website become optimized in search results. For example, things like title tags, content and calls to action should all be SEO friendly and a website designer isn’t concerned about these things.

It’s important and beneficial to your company to consider SEO and web design as one. A company that offers both services will show you excellent results (and be more cost-effective). The internet is about usability and your website should help users find information. Many times, for users to find the information, and SEO program needs to be in place. Once a user finds your website, you want to be sure the best design features are in place so your potential customer can find what they are looking for and hopefully take action.